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AWE Tuning 2018+ Ford Mustang GT (S550) Cat-back Exhaust - Touring Edition (Quad Diamond Black Tips)

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Performance. Sound. Fitment. Options. Muscle.A direct bolt-on, straight through design, the Touring Edition Exhaust is a full 3* diameter exhaust featuring two bullet style resonators and an H-pipe that brings out a smooth muscle tone with no drone throughout the entire range* all of the time, thanks to AWE*s 180 Technology?. Optional Valve Actuator Bracket: For drivers who have opted for the Active Valve Performance Exhaust, we have created a convenient, attractive, bolt-on bracket to allow the factory-issued valve actuators to remain equipped to keep your GT*s ECU happy. Tip Options: All tip options include the AWE logo and double-walling to ensure a mirror finish even under hard usage. All tips are individually adjustable, allowing depth into the bumper to be set according to personal taste. AWE Touring Edition Cat-back Exhaust for the 2018+ Mustang GT - Quad Diamond Black Tips

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