Whiteline Plus BMW 05+ 1 Ser/3/05-10/11 3 Ser Front Control Arm - Upper Inner & Outer Bushing Kit

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Suffering uneven tire wear, unbalanced braking or a less predictable rear end while cornering. It could be your control arm bushings have failed. Replace these worn parts with Whiteline synthetic elastomer bushings that offer long lasting durability for a safer more predictable vehicle Fitment: BMW1 Series MBase2011 BMW128iBase2008 BMW128iBase2009 BMW128iBase2010 BMW128iBase2011 BMW128iBase2012 BMW128iBase2013 BMW135iBase2008 BMW135iBase2009 BMW135iBase2010 BMW135iBase2011 BMW135iBase2012 BMW135iBase2013 BMW135isBase2013 BMW325CiBase2005 BMW325CiBase2006 BMW325iBase2005 BMW325iBase2006 BMW325xiBase2005 BMW325xiBase2006 BMW328iBase2007 BMW328iBase2008 BMW328iBase2009 BMW328iBase2010 BMW328iBase2011 BMW328iBase2012 BMW328iBase2013 BMW328i xDriveBase2009 BMW328i xDriveBase2010 BMW328i xDriveBase2011 BMW328i xDriveBase2012 BMW328i xDriveBase2013 BMW328xiBase2007 BMW328xiBase2008 BMW330CiBase2005 BMW330CiBase2006 BMW330iBase2005 BMW330iBase2006 BMW330xiBase2005 BMW330xiBase2006 BMW335dBase2009 BMW335dBase2010 BMW335dBase2011 BMW335iBase2007 BMW335iBase2008 BMW335iBase2009 BMW335iBase2010 BMW335iBase2011 BMW335iBase2012 BMW335iBase2013 BMW335i xDriveBase2009 BMW335i xDriveBase2010 BMW335i xDriveBase2011 BMW335i xDriveBase2012 BMW335i xDriveBase2013 BMW335isBase2011 BMW335isBase2012 BMW335isBase2013 BMW335xiBase2007 BMW335xiBase2008 BMWX1sDrive28i2013 BMWX1sDrive28i2014 BMWX1sDrive28i2015 BMWX1xDrive28i2013 BMWX1xDrive28i2014 BMWX1xDrive28i2015 BMWX1xDrive35i2013 BMWX1xDrive35i2014 BMWX1xDrive35i2015

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