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SPC Performance Audi B9 Front Upper Control Arm Set Left & Right Pair

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Adjust front camber and caster ?1.5? on the Audi B9 platform with these forged aluminum adjustable control arms from SPC. OE style booted ball joints and bonded rubber bushings maintain factory ride, handling and noise, vibration, & harshness (NVH) parameters. Audi's unique multi-link suspension creates a 'Virtual' SAI. The factory does not publish a specification for caster, but SPC recommends 5? to 6? of caster as a preferred angle for tracking and return to center on these cars. For the left hand (LH) side, use #81381. For the right hand (RH) side, use part number #81382. Want to be able to adjust both sides? Use part #81383. Forged 6061-T6 Aluminum construction for maximized strength at minimum weight OE style, maintenance free, bootedball joints Large 18mm threaded adjuster links Replacement pinch bolts included Product appearance and features may vary in the market as design changes, improvements and modifications are implemented. Fitment: AudiA4Premium2017 AudiA4Premium2018 AudiA4Premium2019 AudiA4Premium2020 AudiA4Premium Plus2017 AudiA4Premium Plus2018 AudiA4Premium Plus2019 AudiA4Premium Plus2020 AudiA4Prestige2017 AudiA4Prestige2018 AudiA4Prestige2019 AudiA4Prestige2020 AudiA4Titanium2019 AudiA4 allroadPremium2017 AudiA4 allroadPremium2018 AudiA4 allroadPremium2019 AudiA4 allroadPremium2020 AudiA4 allroadPremium2021 AudiA4 allroadPremium2022 AudiA4 allroadPremium Plus2017 AudiA4 allroadPremium Plus2018 AudiA4 allroadPremium Plus2019 AudiA4 allroadPremium Plus2020 AudiA4 allroadPremium Plus2021 AudiA4 allroadPremium Plus2022 AudiA4 allroadPrestige2017 AudiA4 allroadPrestige2018 AudiA4 allroadPrestige2019 AudiA4 allroadPrestige2020 AudiA4 allroadPrestige2021 AudiA4 allroadPrestige2022 AudiA4 QuattroPremium2017 AudiA4 QuattroPremium2018 AudiA4 QuattroPremium2019 AudiA4 QuattroPremium2020 AudiA4 QuattroPremium2021 AudiA4 QuattroPremium Plus2017 AudiA4 QuattroPremium Plus2018 AudiA4 QuattroPremium Plus2019 AudiA4 QuattroPremium Plus2020 AudiA4 QuattroPremium Plus2021 AudiA4 QuattroPrestige2017 AudiA4 QuattroPrestige2018 AudiA4 QuattroPrestige2019 AudiA4 QuattroPrestige2020 AudiA4 QuattroPrestige2021 AudiA5 QuattroPremium2018 AudiA5 QuattroPremium2019 AudiA5 QuattroPremium2020 AudiA5 QuattroPremium2021 AudiA5 QuattroPremium2022 AudiA5 QuattroPremium Plus2018 AudiA5 QuattroPremium Plus2019 AudiA5 QuattroPremium Plus2020 AudiA5 QuattroPremium Plus2021 AudiA5 QuattroPremium Plus2022 AudiA5 QuattroPrestige2018 AudiA5 QuattroPrestige2019 AudiA5 QuattroPrestige2020 AudiA5 QuattroPrestige2021 AudiA5 QuattroPrestige2022 AudiA5 SportbackPremium2018 AudiA5 SportbackPremium2019 AudiA5 SportbackPremium2020 AudiA5 SportbackPremium2021 AudiA5 SportbackPremium2022 AudiA5 SportbackPremium Plus2018 AudiA5 SportbackPremium Plus2019 AudiA5 SportbackPremium Plus2020 AudiA5 SportbackPremium Plus2021 AudiA5 SportbackPremium Plus2022 AudiA5 SportbackPrestige2018 AudiA5 SportbackPrestige2019 AudiA5 SportbackPrestige2020 AudiA5 SportbackPrestige2021 AudiA5 SportbackPrestige2022 AudiS4Premium2019 AudiS4Premium2020 AudiS4Premium Plus2018 AudiS4Premium Plus2019 AudiS4Premium Plus2020 AudiS4Prestige2018 AudiS4Prestige2019 AudiS4Prestige2020 AudiS5Premium2019 AudiS5Premium2020 AudiS5Premium2021 AudiS5Premium Plus2018 AudiS5Premium Plus2019 AudiS5Premium Plus2020 AudiS5Premium Plus2021 AudiS5Prestige2018 AudiS5Prestige2019 AudiS5Prestige2020 AudiS5Prestige2021 AudiS5 SportbackPremium2020 AudiS5 SportbackPremium2021 AudiS5 SportbackPremium Plus2018 AudiS5 SportbackPremium Plus2019 AudiS5 SportbackPremium Plus2020 AudiS5 SportbackPremium Plus2021 AudiS5 SportbackPrestige2018 AudiS5 SportbackPrestige2019 AudiS5 SportbackPrestige2020 AudiS5 SportbackPrestige2021

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