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SPC Performance 09-17 Audi A4/RS4/S4 / 09-16 Audi A5/S5 Front Upper Multi Link Control Arm - Right

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Adjust front camber and caster ?1.5? on the Audi B8 and C7 platforms with these forged aluminum control arms from SPC. OE syle booted ball joints and bonded rubber bushings maintain factory ride, handling, and noise, vibration, & harshness (NVH) parameters. Audi's unique multi-link suspension creates a 'Virtual' SAI. The factory does not publish a specification for caster, but SPC recommends 5? to 6? of caster as a preferred angle for tracking and return to center on these cars. This kit includes two arms to replace the two front upper arms on the right hand (RH) side. For the left hand (LH) side, use part number #81361. Want to be able to adjust both sides? Use part number #81363. SPC Arms Feature: Forged 6061-T6 Aluminum construction formaximized strength at a minimum weight OE style, maintenance free, booted ball joints Large 18mm threaded adjuster links Replacement pinch bolts included Need to replace the ball joint boots on these arms? We have replacement kitsavailable! Part No. 81354. Product appearance and features may vary in the market as design changes, improvements and modifications are implemented. Fitment: AudiA4Base2009 AudiA4Base2010 AudiA4Base2011 AudiA4Base2012 AudiA4Base2013 AudiA4Base2014 AudiA4Cabriolet2009 AudiA4Premium2015 AudiA4Premium2016 AudiA4Premium Plus2015 AudiA4Premium Plus2016 AudiA4Prestige2015 AudiA4 QuattroAvant2009 AudiA4 QuattroAvant2010 AudiA4 QuattroAvant2011 AudiA4 QuattroAvant2012 AudiA4 QuattroBase2009 AudiA4 QuattroBase2010 AudiA4 QuattroBase2011 AudiA4 QuattroBase2012 AudiA4 QuattroBase2013 AudiA4 QuattroBase2014 AudiA4 QuattroCabriolet2009 AudiA4 QuattroPremium2015 AudiA4 QuattroPremium2016 AudiA4 QuattroPremium Plus2015 AudiA4 QuattroPremium Plus2016 AudiA4 QuattroPrestige2015 AudiA5Cabriolet2010 AudiA5Cabriolet2011 AudiA5Cabriolet2012 AudiA5Cabriolet2013 AudiA5Cabriolet2014 AudiA5 QuattroBase2009 AudiA5 QuattroBase2010 AudiA5 QuattroBase2011 AudiA5 QuattroBase2012 AudiA5 QuattroBase2013 AudiA5 QuattroBase2014 AudiA5 QuattroCabriolet2010 AudiA5 QuattroCabriolet2011 AudiA5 QuattroCabriolet2012 AudiA5 QuattroCabriolet2013 AudiA5 QuattroCabriolet2014 AudiA5 QuattroPremium2015 AudiA5 QuattroPremium2016 AudiA5 QuattroPremium Plus2015 AudiA5 QuattroPremium Plus2016 AudiA5 QuattroPrestige2015 AudiA5 QuattroSport2017 AudiA6Premium2012 AudiA6Premium2013 AudiA6Premium2014 AudiA6Premium2015 AudiA6Premium2016 AudiA6Premium2017 AudiA6Premium2018 AudiA6Premium Plus2012 AudiA6Premium Plus2013 AudiA6Premium Plus2014 AudiA6Premium Plus2015 AudiA6Premium Plus2016 AudiA6Premium Plus2017 AudiA6Premium Plus2018 AudiA6Sport2018 AudiA6 QuattroCompetition2017 AudiA6 QuattroPremium2012 AudiA6 QuattroPremium2013 AudiA6 QuattroPremium2014 AudiA6 QuattroPremium2015 AudiA6 QuattroPremium2017 AudiA6 QuattroPremium2018 AudiA6 QuattroPremium Plus2012 AudiA6 QuattroPremium Plus2013 AudiA6 QuattroPremium Plus2014 AudiA6 QuattroPremium Plus2015 AudiA6 QuattroPremium Plus2016 AudiA6 QuattroPremium Plus2017 AudiA6 QuattroPremium Plus2018 AudiA6 QuattroPrestige2012 AudiA6 QuattroPrestige2013 AudiA6 QuattroPrestige2014 AudiA6 QuattroPrestige2015 AudiA6 QuattroPrestige2016 AudiA6 QuattroPrestige2017 AudiA6 QuattroPrestige2018 AudiA6 QuattroSport2018 AudiA6 QuattroTDI Premium Plus2014 AudiA6 QuattroTDI Premium Plus2015 AudiA6 QuattroTDI Premium Plus2016 AudiA6 QuattroTDI Prestige2014 AudiA6 QuattroTDI Prestige2015 AudiA6 QuattroTDI Prestige2016 AudiA7 QuattroBase2012 AudiA7 QuattroBase2013 AudiA7 QuattroCompetition2017 AudiA7 QuattroPremium Plus2014 AudiA7 QuattroPremium Plus2015 AudiA7 QuattroPremium Plus2016 AudiA7 QuattroPremium Plus2017 AudiA7 QuattroPremium Plus2018 AudiA7 QuattroPrestige2014 AudiA7 QuattroPrestige2015 AudiA7 QuattroPrestige2016 AudiA7 QuattroPrestige2017 AudiA7 QuattroPrestige2018 AudiA7 QuattroTDI Premium Plus2014 AudiA7 QuattroTDI Premium Plus2015 AudiA7 QuattroTDI Premium Plus2016 AudiA7 QuattroTDI Prestige2014 AudiA7 QuattroTDI Prestige2015 AudiA7 QuattroTDI Prestige2016 AudiallroadPremium2013 AudiallroadPremium2014 AudiallroadPremium2015 AudiallroadPremium2016 AudiallroadPremium Plus2013 AudiallroadPremium Plus2014 AudiallroadPremium Plus2015 AudiallroadPremium Plus2016 AudiallroadPrestige2013 AudiallroadPrestige2014 AudiallroadPrestige2015 AudiQ5Hybrid Prestige2013 AudiQ5Hybrid Prestige2014 AudiQ5Hybrid Prestige2015 AudiQ5Hybrid Prestige2016 AudiQ5Premium2009 AudiQ5Premium2010 AudiQ5Premium2011 AudiQ5Premium2012 AudiQ5Premium2013 AudiQ5Premium2014 AudiQ5Premium2015 AudiQ5Premium2016 AudiQ5Premium2017 AudiQ5Premium Plus2009 AudiQ5Premium Plus2010 AudiQ5Premium Plus2011 AudiQ5Premium Plus2012 AudiQ5Premium Plus2013 AudiQ5Premium Plus2014 AudiQ5Premium Plus2015 AudiQ5Premium Plus2016 AudiQ5Premium Plus2017 AudiQ5Prestige2009 AudiQ5Prestige2010 AudiQ5Prestige2011 AudiQ5Prestige2012 AudiQ5Prestige2013 AudiQ5Prestige2014 AudiQ5Prestige2015 AudiQ5Prestige2016 AudiQ5Prestige2017 AudiQ5TDI Premium Plus2014 AudiQ5TDI Premium Plus2015 AudiQ5TDI Premium Plus2016 AudiQ5TDI Premium Plus S-Line2016 AudiQ5TDI Prestige2014 AudiQ5TDI Prestige2015 AudiQ5TDI Prestige2016 AudiQ5TDI Prestige S-Line2016 AudiRS5Base2013 AudiRS5Base2014 AudiRS5Base2015 AudiRS5Cabriolet2014 AudiRS5Cabriolet2015 AudiRS7Base2014 AudiRS7Base2015 AudiRS7Base2016 AudiRS7Base2017 AudiRS7Base2018 AudiRS7Performance2016 AudiRS7Performance2017 AudiRS7Performance2018 AudiS4Base2010 AudiS4Base2011 AudiS4Base2012 AudiS4Base2013 AudiS4Cabriolet2009 AudiS4Premium Plus2014 AudiS4Premium Plus2015 AudiS4Premium Plus2016 AudiS4Prestige2014 AudiS4Prestige2015 AudiS4Prestige2016 AudiS5Base2009 AudiS5Base2010 AudiS5Base2011 AudiS5Base2012 AudiS5Base2013 AudiS5Base2017 AudiS5Cabriolet2010 AudiS5Cabriolet2011 AudiS5Cabriolet2012 AudiS5Cabriolet2013 AudiS5Premium Plus2014 AudiS5Premium Plus2015 AudiS5Premium Plus2016 AudiS5Prestige2014 AudiS5Prestige2015 AudiS5Prestige2016 AudiS6Base2013 AudiS6Base2014 AudiS6Base2015 AudiS6Premium Plus2016 AudiS6Premium Plus2017 AudiS6Premium Plus2018 AudiS6Prestige2016 AudiS6Prestige2017 AudiS6Prestige2018 AudiS7Base2013 AudiS7Base2014 AudiS7Base2015 AudiS7Base2016 AudiS7Premium Plus2017 AudiS7Premium Plus2018 AudiS7Prestige2017 AudiS7Prestige2018 AudiSQ5Premium Plus2014 AudiSQ5Premium Plus2015 AudiSQ5Premium Plus2016 AudiSQ5Premium Plus2017 AudiSQ5Prestige2014 AudiSQ5Prestige2015 AudiSQ5Prestige2016 AudiSQ5Prestige2017

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