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SPC Performance 01-05 Honda Civic/02-06 Acura RSX Rear EX Arm XR Adjustable Upper Control Arm

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This EZ Arm corrects rear camber on Honda's redesigned 2001 - 2005 Civic along with the 2002 - 07 Acura RSX. Simply replace the O.E. arm with this arm, perfect for stock height and lowered vehicles. Product appearance and features may vary in the market as design changes, improvements and modifications are implemented. Fitment: AcuraRSXBase2002 AcuraRSXBase2003 AcuraRSXBase2004 AcuraRSXBase2005 AcuraRSXBase2006 AcuraRSXType-S2002 AcuraRSXType-S2003 AcuraRSXType-S2004 AcuraRSXType-S2005 AcuraRSXType-S2006 HondaCivicDX2001 HondaCivicDX2002 HondaCivicDX2003 HondaCivicDX2004 HondaCivicDX2005 HondaCivicEX2001 HondaCivicEX2002 HondaCivicEX2003 HondaCivicEX2004 HondaCivicEX2005 HondaCivicEX Special Edition2005 HondaCivicGX2001 HondaCivicGX2002 HondaCivicGX2003 HondaCivicGX2004 HondaCivicGX2005 HondaCivicHX2001 HondaCivicHX2002 HondaCivicHX2003 HondaCivicHX2004 HondaCivicHX2005 HondaCivicHybrid2003 HondaCivicHybrid2004 HondaCivicHybrid2005 HondaCivicLX2001 HondaCivicLX2002 HondaCivicLX2003 HondaCivicLX2004 HondaCivicLX2005 HondaCivicLX Special Edition2005 HondaCivicSi2002 HondaCivicSi2003 HondaCivicSi2004 HondaCivicSi2005 HondaCivicValue Package2004 HondaCivicValue Package2005

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