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Skunk2 Pro Series + 92-95 Honda Civic/94-01 Acura Integra Adjustable Front Camber Kits (+/- 4 Deg)

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Skunk2 designed its Pro Series Plus Front Camber Kit for the *92-*95 Civic, 93-97 del Sol, and 94-01Integra with specially engineered A-arms and ball joints that allow for maximum positive camber adjustment in a low-profile design. Enthusiasts who are serious about performance can now correct almost all abnormal tire wear due to negative camber and increase high-speed stability. Each Pro Series Plus Camber Kit includes three-piece, low-deflection, polyurethane bushings that eliminate the pre-load typically associated with rubber bushings, allowing the arms to pivot freely, dramatically improving handling performance. Pro Series Plus Camber Kits also feature heavy duty mounting anchors and Skunk2*s all-new, one-piece, forged Pro Series Ball Joints, which feature low-profile top plates for additional clearance between themselves and the shock towers, higher clamping loads for no-slip performance, and a unique design that allows for maximum adjustability. Skunk2 *s cadmium-plated, Pro Series Ball Joints can also be adjusted from the bottom up, which allows for quicker and easier adjustments*especially on lowered vehicles with shortened shock bodies. In addition to improved ride characteristics and reduced tire wear on lowered vehicles, Skunk2s proprietary design helps reduce structural fatigue and failure commonly associated with other camber adjustment kits. Skunk2*s Camber Kits are the number one choice of many professional race teams, including Honda*s own factory road race cars, since 1997. And since 1995, Skunk2 has been leading the industry with its fully adjustable Camber Kits. To accommodate enthusiasts* needs, Skunk2 made a significant change in 1998 by adding an oversized, rectangular-shaped top mount to its Front Camber Kits for increased positive adjustment. In 2000, Skunk2 pioneered the use of one-piece forged, ball joints. And in 2004, Skunk2 introduced its patent-pending Pro Series Ball Joints Pro Plus Series Front Camber Kit; Adjusts +/- 4 Degrees; Incl. Mounting Anchors/Polyurethane Bushings/Upgraded Pro Series Ball Joint w/Bottom Adjustment; Set of 2; Pro Series Plus Front Camber Kits for the EG/DC2 chassis feature the most innovative; durable ball joints available. No other ball joint lasts as long; performs as well; or offers as much clearance for dramatically lowered vehicles. US Patent No.: 8;267; Fitment: AcuraIntegraGS1997 AcuraIntegraGS1998 AcuraIntegraGS1999 AcuraIntegraGS2000 AcuraIntegraGS2001 AcuraIntegraGS-R1994 AcuraIntegraGS-R1995 AcuraIntegraGS-R1996 AcuraIntegraGS-R1997 AcuraIntegraGS-R1998 AcuraIntegraGS-R1999 AcuraIntegraGS-R2000 AcuraIntegraGS-R2001 AcuraIntegraLS1994 AcuraIntegraLS1995 AcuraIntegraLS1996 AcuraIntegraLS1997 AcuraIntegraLS1998 AcuraIntegraLS1999 AcuraIntegraLS2000 AcuraIntegraLS2001 AcuraIntegraRS1994 AcuraIntegraRS1995 AcuraIntegraRS1996 AcuraIntegraRS1997 AcuraIntegraRS1998 AcuraIntegraSpecial Edition1995 AcuraIntegraSpecial Edition1996 AcuraIntegraType R1997 AcuraIntegraType R1998 AcuraIntegraType R2000 AcuraIntegraType R2001 HondaCivicCX1992 HondaCivicCX1993 HondaCivicCX1994 HondaCivicCX1995 HondaCivicDX1992 HondaCivicDX1993 HondaCivicDX1994 HondaCivicDX1995 HondaCivicEX1992 HondaCivicEX1993 HondaCivicEX1994 HondaCivicEX1995 HondaCivicLX1992 HondaCivicLX1993 HondaCivicLX1994 HondaCivicLX1995 HondaCivicSi1992 HondaCivicSi1993 HondaCivicSi1994 HondaCivicSi1995 HondaCivicVX1992 HondaCivicVX1993 HondaCivicVX1994 HondaCivicVX1995 HondaCivic del SolS1993 HondaCivic del SolS1994 HondaCivic del SolS1995 HondaCivic del SolS1996 HondaCivic del SolS1997 HondaCivic del SolSi1993 HondaCivic del SolSi1994 HondaCivic del SolSi1995 HondaCivic del SolSi1996 HondaCivic del SolSi1997 HondaCivic del SolVTEC1994 HondaCivic del SolVTEC1995 HondaCivic del SolVTEC1996 HondaCivic del SolVTEC1997

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