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Skunk2 K Series BMF3 Camshaft

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BMF camshafts are designed to optimize top-end horsepower and torque, with peak power moved up the RPM band. No other line of racing camshafts even comes close to Skunk2's BMF camshafts. The go to camshafts for an all-out racing effort! Ultra Series BMF3 Camshaft; Intake Dur./Lift 278 Deg./0.640 in.; Exhaust Dur./Lift 289 Deg./0.598 in.; Set of 2; Camshaft Specifications:; Intake:; 282deg. @ 0.050in. duration; 0.650in. lift @ 0.000in. lash; Exhaust:; 278deg. @ 0.050in. duration; 0.590in. lift @ 0.000in. lash; Tappet Clearance:; .008in. (cold); .010in. (cold); Lobe Centerline:; Intake: variable (adjust with ECU; check pi

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