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Skunk2 Alpha Series Honda/Acura (D/B/H/F Series) 66mm Cast Throttle Body (OEM Look)

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Skunk2 is proud to introduce its 66mm Alpha Series Throttle Body for Hondas B-series engines (also compatible with D-, F-, and H-series) in its exclusive, fine shot-blasted surface finish. Skunk2*s 66mm Alpha Series Throttle Body is designed to be used with Skunk2*s Pro Series Intake Manifolds as well as OEM and other aftermarket intake manifolds for bolt-on horsepower and torque gains by maximizing engine airflow, all at a competitive price. Skunk2*s Alpha Series Throttle Bodies are precision die-cast from high-quality materials and include features previously offered only in our Pro Series line, like countersunk, stainless steel mounting bolts, solid brass throttle plates, fully machined bores, and idle adjustment screws for fine tuning. All Skunk2 throttle bodies undergo an extensive design and testing process to produce a throttle body that doesnt just provide more flow but retains smooth drivability and OEM throttle characteristics. A larger throttle body is key to producing additional power throughout the powerband on modified engines with increased airflow demands. Skunk2*s Alpha Series Throttle Bodies for B-series engines feature a large, 66mm bore, which results in significant horsepower gains throughout the powerband on heavily modified, naturally aspirated applications and even more on forced induction ones. Skunk2*s 66mm Alpha Series Throttle Body offers Skunk2 performance, industry-leading customer service, and a limited-lifetime warranty policy, all at a price comparable to lesser budget-minded throttle bodies. Unlike the budget-minded throttle bodies, though, only Skunk2 Alpha Series Throttle Bodies ensure precise fitment and the peace of mind of knowing that a Skunk2 representative is just a phone call or email away. Alpha Series Throttle Body; 66mm Tb Opening; For Use w/Skunk2 Pro Series Intake Manifold Or Similar; Cast Aluminum; Note: Due to Larger Diameter.. You Must Use A Skunk2 Pro Series Intake Manifold or Make Adjustments to Intake Manifold Throttle Body Flange to Match Bore and Keep IAC (Idle Air Control) Passage Separate. Not compatible with B18C GS-R intake manifold. Not Fitment: AcuraIntegraGS1990 AcuraIntegraGS1991 AcuraIntegraGS1992 AcuraIntegraGS1993 AcuraIntegraGS1997 AcuraIntegraGS1998 AcuraIntegraGS1999 AcuraIntegraGS2000 AcuraIntegraGS2001 AcuraIntegraGS-R1992 AcuraIntegraGS-R1993 AcuraIntegraGS-R1994 AcuraIntegraGS-R1995 AcuraIntegraGS-R1996 AcuraIntegraGS-R1997 AcuraIntegraGS-R1998 AcuraIntegraGS-R1999 AcuraIntegraGS-R2000 AcuraIntegraGS-R2001 AcuraIntegraLS1990 AcuraIntegraLS1991 AcuraIntegraLS1992 AcuraIntegraLS1993 AcuraIntegraLS1994 AcuraIntegraLS1995 AcuraIntegraLS1996 AcuraIntegraLS1997 AcuraIntegraLS1998 AcuraIntegraLS1999 AcuraIntegraLS2000 AcuraIntegraLS2001 AcuraIntegraRS1990 AcuraIntegraRS1991 AcuraIntegraRS1992 AcuraIntegraRS1993 AcuraIntegraRS1994 AcuraIntegraRS1995 AcuraIntegraRS1996 AcuraIntegraRS1997 AcuraIntegraRS1998 AcuraIntegraSpecial Edition1995 AcuraIntegraSpecial Edition1996 AcuraIntegraType R1997 AcuraIntegraType R1998 AcuraIntegraType R2000 AcuraIntegraType R2001 HondaAccord10th Anniversary1993 HondaAccord25th Anniversary Edition1996 HondaAccordDX1990 HondaAccordDX1991 HondaAccordDX1992 HondaAccordDX1993 HondaAccordDX1994 HondaAccordDX1995 HondaAccordDX1996 HondaAccordDX1997 HondaAccordEX1990 HondaAccordEX1991 HondaAccordEX1992 HondaAccordEX1993 HondaAccordEX1994 HondaAccordEX1995 HondaAccordEX1996 HondaAccordEX1997 HondaAccordLX1990 HondaAccordLX1991 HondaAccordLX1992 HondaAccordLX1993 HondaAccordLX1994 HondaAccordLX1995 HondaAccordLX1996 HondaAccordLX1997 HondaAccordSE1991 HondaAccordSE1993 HondaAccordSE1997 HondaAccordValue Package1996 HondaAccordValue Package1997 HondaCivicCX1992 HondaCivicCX1993 HondaCivicCX1994 HondaCivicCX1995 HondaCivicDX1992 HondaCivicDX1993 HondaCivicDX1994 HondaCivicDX1995 HondaCivicDX1996 HondaCivicDX1997 HondaCivicDX1998 HondaCivicDX1999 HondaCivicDX2000 HondaCivicEX1992 HondaCivicEX1993 HondaCivicEX1994 HondaCivicEX1995 HondaCivicEX1996 HondaCivicEX1997 HondaCivicEX1998 HondaCivicEX1999 HondaCivicEX2000 HondaCivicGX1998 HondaCivicGX1999 HondaCivicGX2000 HondaCivicHX1996 HondaCivicHX1997 HondaCivicHX1998 HondaCivicHX1999 HondaCivicHX2000 HondaCivicLX1992 HondaCivicLX1993 HondaCivicLX1994 HondaCivicLX1995 HondaCivicLX1996 HondaCivicLX1997 HondaCivicLX1998 HondaCivicLX1999 HondaCivicLX2000 HondaCivicSi1992 HondaCivicSi1993 HondaCivicSi1994 HondaCivicSi1995 HondaCivicSi1999 HondaCivicSi2000 HondaCivicValue Package1999 HondaCivicVX1992 HondaCivicVX1993 HondaCivicVX1994 HondaCivicVX1995 HondaCivic del SolS1993 HondaCivic del SolS1994 HondaCivic del SolS1995 HondaCivic del SolS1996 HondaCivic del SolS1997 HondaCivic del SolSi1993 HondaCivic del SolSi1994 HondaCivic del SolSi1995 HondaCivic del SolSi1996 HondaCivic del SolSi1997 HondaCivic del SolVTEC1994 HondaCivic del SolVTEC1995 HondaCivic del SolVTEC1996 HondaCivic del SolVTEC1997 HondaPreludeBase1997 HondaPreludeBase1998 HondaPreludeBase1999 HondaPreludeBase2000 HondaPreludeBase2001 HondaPreludeS1992 HondaPreludeS1993 HondaPreludeS1994 HondaPreludeS1995 HondaPreludeS1996 HondaPreludeSE1995 HondaPreludeSi1992 HondaPreludeSi1993 HondaPreludeSi1994 HondaPreludeSi1995 HondaPreludeSi1996 HondaPreludeSi 4WS1992 HondaPreludeSi 4WS1993 HondaPreludeSi 4WS1994 HondaPreludeType SH1997 HondaPreludeType SH1998 HondaPreludeType SH1999 HondaPreludeType SH2000 HondaPreludeType SH2001 HondaPreludeVTEC1993 HondaPreludeVTEC1994 HondaPreludeVTEC1995 HondaPreludeVTEC1996 HondaS2000Base2000 HondaS2000Base2001 HondaS2000Base2002 HondaS2000Base2003 HondaS2000Base2004 HondaS2000Base2005 HondaS2000Base2006 HondaS2000Base2007 HondaS2000Base2008 HondaS2000Base2009 HondaS2000CR2008 HondaS2000CR2009

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