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Skunk2 Alpha Series 92-00 Honda Civic Radiator (Half Size) (Dual Core) (Manual Trans.)

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Skunk2*s all-aluminum, half-size Alpha Series Radiator for the 88-*91 Civic/CRX is a direct-fit upgrade designed to dramatically increase both cooling efficiency and engine performance. Alpha Series Radiators are manufactured from lightweight and durable aluminum, feature 100-percent brazed cores, and include polished end tanks with Skunk2*s signature Alpha logo embossed along each side. Each Alpha Series Radiator features a dual-core design, high-efficiency fins for maximum cooling capabilities, and includes a genuine Skunk2 Radiator Cap for maximum performance and a premium appearance. Each Alpha Series Radiator also includes provisions for the OEM cooling fan and larger 1.25-inch inlets and outlets, which makes it ideal for most engine swaps that utilize larger radiator?hoses Alpha Series Half Radiator; Incl. 1.1Bar S2 Radiator Cap; 1.25 in. Inlet/Outlet; Dual Core Design; Aluminum; This Skunk2 Racing Radiator features a 1.25 inch inlet and outlet. The factory hose(s) ID measure just over 1.00 inch and may not fit on this radiator.; SPECIAL Note: Dual-Core Design-Not Compatible w/Automatic Transmission Cooling System or OEM Air Co Fitment: HondaCivicCX1992 HondaCivicCX1993 HondaCivicCX1994 HondaCivicCX1995 HondaCivicCX1996 HondaCivicCX1997 HondaCivicCX1998 HondaCivicCX1999 HondaCivicDX1992 HondaCivicDX1993 HondaCivicDX1994 HondaCivicDX1995 HondaCivicDX1996 HondaCivicDX1997 HondaCivicDX1998 HondaCivicDX1999 HondaCivicDX2000 HondaCivicEX1992 HondaCivicEX1993 HondaCivicEX1994 HondaCivicEX1995 HondaCivicEX1996 HondaCivicEX1997 HondaCivicEX1998 HondaCivicEX1999 HondaCivicEX2000 HondaCivicGX1998 HondaCivicGX1999 HondaCivicGX2000 HondaCivicHX1996 HondaCivicHX1997 HondaCivicHX1998 HondaCivicHX1999 HondaCivicHX2000 HondaCivicLX1992 HondaCivicLX1993 HondaCivicLX1994 HondaCivicLX1995 HondaCivicLX1996 HondaCivicLX1997 HondaCivicLX1998 HondaCivicLX1999 HondaCivicLX2000 HondaCivicSi1992 HondaCivicSi1993 HondaCivicSi1994 HondaCivicSi1995 HondaCivicSi1999 HondaCivicSi2000 HondaCivicVX1992 HondaCivicVX1993 HondaCivicVX1994 HondaCivicVX1995

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