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Skunk2 96-00 Honda Civic Sport Shocks (Set of 4)

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Taking cues from its industry-leading Pro-C and Pro-S II Coilovers, Skunk2*s high-performance, factory-replacement Sport Shocks for the *96-*00 Civic employ many of the same technologies and manufacturing processes as Skunk2*s more advanced, full coilover suspension systems. Each Sport Shock*s dual-tube design features a hardened, chrome-plated and super-finished shaft and precision valving dialed in by Skunk2*s suspension engineers, which results in exceptional durability, reliability, and smooth operation. Sport Shocks offer an integrated approach to suspension tuning at a cost-effective level. Designed to complement Skunk2 Lowering Springs or Adjustable Sleeve Coilovers, Sport Shocks feature shortened shock bodies and reduced shaft strokes to help maintain adequate suspension travel on lowered vehicles for improved performance without sacrificing comfort. When matched with Skunk2*s Lowering Springs or Adjustable Sleeve Coilovers, Sport Shocks offer exceptional control, handling, balance, and comfort at an affordable price. Sport Shock Absorber Kit; Shorter Shock Body; For Use w/Lowering Springs Or Sleeve Coilovers; Includes Shocks/Bumpstops/Rae Bushings; Set of 4; Combine with Skunk2 Lowering Springs for maximum handling performance. Fitment: HondaCivicCX1996 HondaCivicCX1997 HondaCivicCX1998 HondaCivicCX1999 HondaCivicCX2000 HondaCivicDX1996 HondaCivicDX1997 HondaCivicDX1998 HondaCivicDX1999 HondaCivicDX2000 HondaCivicEX1996 HondaCivicEX1997 HondaCivicEX1998 HondaCivicEX1999 HondaCivicEX2000 HondaCivicGX1998 HondaCivicGX1999 HondaCivicGX2000 HondaCivicHX1996 HondaCivicHX1997 HondaCivicHX1998 HondaCivicHX1999 HondaCivicHX2000 HondaCivicLX1996 HondaCivicLX1997 HondaCivicLX1998 HondaCivicLX1999 HondaCivicLX2000 HondaCivicSi1999 HondaCivicSi2000 HondaCivicValue Package1999

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