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Skunk2 88-91 Honda Civic/CRX Front Lower Control Arm w/ Spherical Bearing - (Qty 2)

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Skunk2 Racing is proud to announce the release of its Spherical Bearing Front Lower Control Arms for the '88-'91 Civic/ CRX. Skunk2 Racing's Spherical Bearing Front Lower Control Arms for the '88-'91 Civic/ CRX are direct replacements for OEM that greatly improve your vehicles ride quality and comfort! Spherical Bearing Front Lower Control Arms offer the hardcore racer and discerning enthusiast, the very best of the best. Skunk2 uses brand new direct replacement cores rather than beat up used ones, saving you headaches associated with getting a used set that is potentially bent or damaged. Accurate suspension geometry is maintained under the most aggressive driving conditions using high load steel spherical bearings that are retained in the lower control arm with precision machined bearing sleeves that have been press-fit and TIG welded for redundancy. Each spherical bearing is locked into the sleeves with removable Spirolox, giving you the ability to service or replace when needed. Skunk2 Racing Front Lower Control Arms are recommended for street cars and track cars alike. For improved suspension performance, Skunk2 Front Lower Control Arms are best complemented with Skunk2 Pro Series Camber Kits, Coilovers, and Strut Tower Bars. New Zinc Plated Arms w/TIG Welded Bearing Cups and High Load Steel Spherical Bearings-Includes Misalignment Bushings Fitment: HondaCivicBase1988 HondaCivicBase1989 HondaCivicBase1990 HondaCivicBase1991 HondaCivicDX1988 HondaCivicDX1989 HondaCivicDX1990 HondaCivicDX1991 HondaCivicEX1990 HondaCivicEX1991 HondaCivicLX1988 HondaCivicLX1989 HondaCivicLX1990 HondaCivicLX1991 HondaCivicRT 4WD1988 HondaCivicRT 4WD1989 HondaCivicRT 4WD1990 HondaCivicRT 4WD1991 HondaCivicSi1989 HondaCivicSi1990 HondaCivicSi1991 HondaCivicWagovan1988 HondaCivicWagovan1989 HondaCRXBase1989 HondaCRXBase1990 HondaCRXBase1991 HondaCRXDX1988 HondaCRXHF1988 HondaCRXHF1989 HondaCRXHF1990 HondaCRXHF1991 HondaCRXSi1988 HondaCRXSi1989 HondaCRXSi1990 HondaCRXSi1991

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