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Skunk2 88-00 Honda Civic/CRX/Del Sol Coilover Sleeve Kit (Set of 4)

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Skunk2*s Adjustable Sleeve Coilovers for the *88-00 Civic, CRX, and del Sol are the industry*s most affordable yet aggressive suspension system that allows street and track enthusiasts to fine tune vehicle ride height, balance, and handling performance. With nearly 15 years of spring technology and suspension tuning experience, Skunk2*s race-inspired, Adjustable Sleeve Coilover system provides a cost-effective alternative to more expensive full coilovers like our Pro-S II and Pro-C systems. Each Adjustable Sleeve Coilover kit features hard anodized, CNC-machined aluminum sleeves, forged spring perches, SAE 9254V racing springs, and mounting hardware that allows for as low as a three-inch drop (sometimes more). Designed to be used with OEM or aftermarket shocks, Skunk2*s Adjustable Sleeve Coilovers allow for independent shock replacement, which means suspension systems can be upgraded in stages. When applicable, Skunk2 Adjustable Sleeve Coilovers should be paired with Skunk2 Sport Shocks for maximum performance. Coilover Sleeve Kit; Front 8K/6K Rear Spring Rates; 0-3.5 in. Lowering Adjustment; Incl. Forged Spring Perches/Aluminum Sleeves; Set of 4; Spring Rates (Front/Rear): 8 kg/mm/6 kg/mm; 0-3.5 inch Lowering Adjustment Fitment: AcuraIntegraGS1990 AcuraIntegraGS1991 AcuraIntegraGS1992 AcuraIntegraGS1993 AcuraIntegraGS1997 AcuraIntegraGS1998 AcuraIntegraGS1999 AcuraIntegraGS2000 AcuraIntegraGS2001 AcuraIntegraGS-R1992 AcuraIntegraGS-R1993 AcuraIntegraGS-R1994 AcuraIntegraGS-R1995 AcuraIntegraGS-R1996 AcuraIntegraGS-R1997 AcuraIntegraGS-R1998 AcuraIntegraGS-R1999 AcuraIntegraGS-R2000 AcuraIntegraGS-R2001 AcuraIntegraLS1990 AcuraIntegraLS1991 AcuraIntegraLS1992 AcuraIntegraLS1993 AcuraIntegraLS1994 AcuraIntegraLS1995 AcuraIntegraLS1996 AcuraIntegraLS1997 AcuraIntegraLS1998 AcuraIntegraLS1999 AcuraIntegraLS2000 AcuraIntegraLS2001 AcuraIntegraRS1990 AcuraIntegraRS1991 AcuraIntegraRS1992 AcuraIntegraRS1993 AcuraIntegraRS1994 AcuraIntegraRS1995 AcuraIntegraRS1996 AcuraIntegraRS1997 AcuraIntegraRS1998 AcuraIntegraSpecial Edition1995 AcuraIntegraSpecial Edition1996 AcuraIntegraType R1997 AcuraIntegraType R1998 AcuraIntegraType R2000 AcuraIntegraType R2001 HondaCivicBase1988 HondaCivicBase1989 HondaCivicBase1990 HondaCivicBase1991 HondaCivicCX1992 HondaCivicCX1993 HondaCivicCX1994 HondaCivicCX1995 HondaCivicCX1996 HondaCivicCX1997 HondaCivicCX1998 HondaCivicCX1999 HondaCivicCX2000 HondaCivicDX1988 HondaCivicDX1989 HondaCivicDX1990 HondaCivicDX1991 HondaCivicDX1992 HondaCivicDX1993 HondaCivicDX1994 HondaCivicDX1995 HondaCivicDX1996 HondaCivicDX1997 HondaCivicDX1998 HondaCivicDX1999 HondaCivicDX2000 HondaCivicEX1990 HondaCivicEX1991 HondaCivicEX1992 HondaCivicEX1993 HondaCivicEX1994 HondaCivicEX1995 HondaCivicEX1996 HondaCivicEX1997 HondaCivicEX1998 HondaCivicEX1999 HondaCivicEX2000 HondaCivicGX1998 HondaCivicGX1999 HondaCivicGX2000 HondaCivicHX1996 HondaCivicHX1997 HondaCivicHX1998 HondaCivicHX1999 HondaCivicHX2000 HondaCivicLX1988 HondaCivicLX1989 HondaCivicLX1990 HondaCivicLX1991 HondaCivicLX1992 HondaCivicLX1993 HondaCivicLX1994 HondaCivicLX1995 HondaCivicLX1996 HondaCivicLX1997 HondaCivicLX1998 HondaCivicLX1999 HondaCivicLX2000 HondaCivicSi1989 HondaCivicSi1990 HondaCivicSi1991 HondaCivicSi1992 HondaCivicSi1993 HondaCivicSi1994 HondaCivicSi1995 HondaCivicSi1999 HondaCivicSi2000 HondaCivicValue Package1999 HondaCivicVX1992 HondaCivicVX1993 HondaCivicVX1994 HondaCivicVX1995 HondaCivic del SolS1993 HondaCivic del SolS1994 HondaCivic del SolS1995 HondaCivic del SolS1996 HondaCivic del SolSi1993 HondaCivic del SolSi1994 HondaCivic del SolSi1995 HondaCivic del SolSi1996 HondaCivic del SolVTEC1994 HondaCivic del SolVTEC1995 HondaCivic del SolVTEC1996 HondaCRXBase1989 HondaCRXBase1990 HondaCRXBase1991 HondaCRXDX1988 HondaCRXHF1988 HondaCRXHF1989 HondaCRXHF1990 HondaCRXHF1991 HondaCRXSi1988 HondaCRXSi1989 HondaCRXSi1990 HondaCRXSi1991

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