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Skunk2 12-3 Honda Civic Si Radiator Hose Kit

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Skunk2 Silicone Radiator Hoses are handmade using high-quality, automotive-grade silicone and feature cutting-edge, multi-layer, embedded fiber linings that*ll resist even the most abusive engine temperatures and pressures. Each application has been test-fitted for accuracy, as well as for an OEM fit, and has been subjected to rigorous tests and inspections to ensure years of worry-free operation. All Skunk2 radiator hoses are compatible with each vehicle*s OEM water housings, radiator necks, and OEM hose clamps. You*re going to have to replace those OEM radiator hoses sooner or later. Do your engine bay a favor and upgrade it with a Skunk2 Silicone Radiator Hose Kit. Radiator Hose Kit; 1.25 in. Inner Diameter/1.65 in. Outer Diameter; Upper And Lower Hose; Silicone; Max Temperature of 446deg.F (230deg.C); Inner Diameter 1.25 inch; Outer Diameter 1.65 inch Fitment: HondaCivicDX2012 HondaCivicEX2012 HondaCivicEX2013 HondaCivicEX2014 HondaCivicEX2015 HondaCivicEX-L2012 HondaCivicEX-L2013 HondaCivicEX-L2014 HondaCivicEX-L2015 HondaCivicGX2012 HondaCivicHF2012 HondaCivicHF2013 HondaCivicHF2014 HondaCivicHF2015 HondaCivicHybrid2012 HondaCivicHybrid2013 HondaCivicHybrid2014 HondaCivicHybrid2015 HondaCivicHybrid-L2012 HondaCivicHybrid-L2013 HondaCivicHybrid-L2014 HondaCivicHybrid-L2015 HondaCivicLX2012 HondaCivicLX2013 HondaCivicLX2014 HondaCivicLX2015 HondaCivicNatural Gas2013 HondaCivicNatural Gas2014 HondaCivicNatural Gas2015 HondaCivicSE2015 HondaCivicSi2012 HondaCivicSi2013 HondaCivicSi2014 HondaCivicSi2015

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