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Radium Engineering Nissan R-35 GT-R Fuel Line Retaining Kit

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Radium 20-0560
Set of 5 brackets. Attach to locations on the underside of the Nissan R35 GT-R to hold fuel lines and/or battery cables or other items. Available in black only. Fitment: NissanGT-RBase2009 NissanGT-RBase2010 NissanGT-RBlack Edition2012 NissanGT-RBlack Edition2013 NissanGT-RBlack Edition2014 NissanGT-RBlack Edition2015 NissanGT-RBlack Edition2016 NissanGT-RNismo2015 NissanGT-RNismo2016 NissanGT-RNismo2017 NissanGT-RNismo2018 NissanGT-RNismo2019 NissanGT-RPremium2009 NissanGT-RPremium2010 NissanGT-RPremium2011 NissanGT-RPremium2012 NissanGT-RPremium2013 NissanGT-RPremium2014 NissanGT-RPremium2015 NissanGT-RPremium2016 NissanGT-RPremium2017 NissanGT-RPremium2018 NissanGT-RPremium2019 NissanGT-RPure2018 NissanGT-RPure2019 NissanGT-RTrack Edition2014 NissanGT-RTrack Edition2015 NissanGT-RTrack Edition2018 NissanGT-RTrack Edition2019

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