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Radium Engineering, 08-16 Mitsubishi EVO X Fuel Hanger,(No Pump Included) WALBRO F90000267/274/285

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Radium 20-0642-00
Newly redesigned in-tank fuel hanger for the Mitsubishi Evolution X. Can hold one or two pumps. E85 compatible. More details at www.radiumauto.com Installation instructions available at www.radiumauto.com Fitment: MitsubishiLancerEvolution Final Edition2015 MitsubishiLancerEvolution GSR2008 MitsubishiLancerEvolution GSR2010 MitsubishiLancerEvolution GSR2011 MitsubishiLancerEvolution GSR2012 MitsubishiLancerEvolution GSR2013 MitsubishiLancerEvolution GSR2014 MitsubishiLancerEvolution GSR2015 MitsubishiLancerEvolution MR2008 MitsubishiLancerEvolution MR2010 MitsubishiLancerEvolution MR2011 MitsubishiLancerEvolution MR2012 MitsubishiLancerEvolution MR2013 MitsubishiLancerEvolution MR2014 MitsubishiLancerEvolution MR2015 MitsubishiLancerEvolution MR Touring2010 MitsubishiLancerEvolution MR Touring2011 MitsubishiLancerEvolution SE2010

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