NGK 2008-06 Mercury Mountaineer COP Ignition Coil

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NGK ignition coils are manufactured to meet or exceed OE standards for the highest durability and operational performance, so they can be installed with confidence. NGK and their family of automotive products have over 80 year*s experience and are driven by extreme dedication to innovation, performance and quality. With state-of-the-art manufacturing, inventory and distribution facilities in North America and globally, NGK is dedicated to providing customers with world-class products and services. Developed and rigorously tested in our ISO 17025 accredited test lab under the most extreme conditions, NGK*s coil designs will outperform all others * far beyond operational environments a vehicle would actually experience. NGK ignition coils have vast coverage including late-model domestic and import vehicles. NGK*s OE legacy, unsurpassed quality and leading vehicles in operation coverage reinforces NGK as The Ignition Specialist*. NGK's coil housings are manufactured with premium thermoplastic and high-quality epoxy for superior dielectric strength and durability. Magnetic laminated steel maximizes voltage output and coil performance. Fitment: FordExpeditionEddie Bauer2005 FordExpeditionEddie Bauer2006 FordExpeditionEddie Bauer2007 FordExpeditionEddie Bauer2008 FordExpeditionEL Eddie Bauer2007 FordExpeditionEL Eddie Bauer2008 FordExpeditionEL King Ranch2008 FordExpeditionEL Limited2007 FordExpeditionEL Limited2008 FordExpeditionEL XLT2007 FordExpeditionEL XLT2008 FordExpeditionFunkmaster Flex Edition2008 FordExpeditionKing Ranch2006 FordExpeditionKing Ranch2008 FordExpeditionLimited2005 FordExpeditionLimited2006 FordExpeditionLimited2007 FordExpeditionLimited2008 FordExpeditionXLS2005 FordExpeditionXLS2006 FordExpeditionXLT2005 FordExpeditionXLT2006 FordExpeditionXLT2007 FordExpeditionXLT2008 FordExpeditionXLT Sport2006 FordExplorerEddie Bauer2006 FordExplorerEddie Bauer2007 FordExplorerEddie Bauer2008 FordExplorerLimited2006 FordExplorerLimited2007 FordExplorerLimited2008 FordExplorerXLT2006 FordExplorerXLT2007 FordExplorerXLT2008 FordExplorer Sport TracLimited2007 FordExplorer Sport TracLimited2008 FordExplorer Sport TracXLT2007 FordExplorer Sport TracXLT2008 FordF-150FX22007 FordF-150FX22008 FordF-150FX42004 FordF-150FX42005 FordF-150FX42006 FordF-150FX42007 FordF-150FX42008 FordF-150Harley-Davidson Edition2006 FordF-150Harley-Davidson Edition2007 FordF-150Harley-Davidson Edition2008 FordF-150King Ranch2005 FordF-150King Ranch2006 FordF-150King Ranch2007 FordF-150King Ranch2008 FordF-150Lariat2004 FordF-150Lariat2005 FordF-150Lariat2006 FordF-150Lariat2007 FordF-150Lariat2008 FordF-150Limited2008 FordF-150THE 60TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION2008 FordF-150XL2004 FordF-150XL2005 FordF-150XL2006 FordF-150XL2007 FordF-150XL2008 FordF-150XLT2004 FordF-150XLT2005 FordF-150XLT2006 FordF-150XLT2007 FordF-150XLT2008 FordF-250 Super DutyFX42008 FordF-250 Super DutyHarley-Davidson Edition2005 FordF-250 Super DutyHarley-Davidson Edition2008 FordF-250 Super DutyKing Ranch2005 FordF-250 Super DutyKing Ranch2006 FordF-250 Super DutyKing Ranch2007 FordF-250 Super DutyKing Ranch2008 FordF-250 Super DutyLariat2005 FordF-250 Super DutyLariat2006 FordF-250 Super DutyLariat2007 FordF-250 Super DutyLariat2008 FordF-250 Super DutyXL2005 FordF-250 Super DutyXL2006 FordF-250 Super DutyXL2007 FordF-250 Super DutyXL2008 FordF-250 Super DutyXLT2005 FordF-250 Super DutyXLT2006 FordF-250 Super DutyXLT2007 FordF-250 Super DutyXLT2008 FordF-350 Super DutyFX42008 FordF-350 Super DutyHarley-Davidson Edition2005 FordF-350 Super DutyHarley-Davidson Edition2008 FordF-350 Super DutyKing Ranch2005 FordF-350 Super DutyKing Ranch2006 FordF-350 Super DutyKing Ranch2007 FordF-350 Super DutyKing Ranch2008 FordF-350 Super DutyLariat2005 FordF-350 Super DutyLariat2006 FordF-350 Super DutyLariat2007 FordF-350 Super DutyLariat2008 FordF-350 Super DutyXL2005 FordF-350 Super DutyXL2006 FordF-350 Super DutyXL2007 FordF-350 Super DutyXL2008 FordF-350 Super DutyXLT2005 FordF-350 Super DutyXLT2006 FordF-350 Super DutyXLT2007 FordF-350 Super DutyXLT2008 FordMustangBullitt2008 FordMustangGT2005 FordMustangGT2006 FordMustangGT2007 FordMustangGT2008 FordMustangShelby GT2007 FordMustangShelby GT2008 LincolnMark LTBase2006 LincolnMark LTBase2007 LincolnMark LTBase2008 LincolnNavigatorBase2005 LincolnNavigatorBase2008 LincolnNavigatorL2008 LincolnNavigatorL Luxury2007 LincolnNavigatorL Ultimate2007 LincolnNavigatorLuxury2006 LincolnNavigatorLuxury2007 LincolnNavigatorUltimate2006 LincolnNavigatorUltimate2007 MercuryMountaineerLuxury2006 MercuryMountaineerPremier2006 MercuryMountaineerPremier2007 MercuryMountaineerPremier2008

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