Mishimoto 88-91 Honda Civic w/ B16 Black Silicone Hose Kit

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Mishimoto silicone radiator hose kits are made with a dual layer combining high grade silicone and heat-resistant embedded fibers to provide efficient heat reduction and increased pressure tolerance, all with an OEM replacement fit! Perfect for your Honda Civic. Honda Civic Silicone Radiator Hose Kit 1988-1991 B16 Engine 1988-1991 Honda Civic Base 1.6 Liter, 1988-1991 Honda Civic DX 1.6 Liter, 1990-1991 Honda Civic EX 1.6 Liter, 1988-1991 Honda Civic LX 1.6 Liter, 1988-1991 Honda Civic RT 4WD 1.6 Liter, 1989-1991 Honda Civic Si 1.6 Liter, 1988-1989 Honda Civic Wagovan 1.6 Liter Fitment: ChevroletCamaroSS2016 ChevroletCamaroSS2017 ChevroletCamaroSS2018 ChevroletCamaroSS2019 ChevroletCamaroSS2020 HondaCivicBase1988 HondaCivicBase1989 HondaCivicBase1990 HondaCivicBase1991 HondaCivicDX1988 HondaCivicDX1989 HondaCivicDX1990 HondaCivicDX1991 HondaCivicEX1990 HondaCivicEX1991 HondaCivicLX1988 HondaCivicLX1989 HondaCivicLX1990 HondaCivicLX1991 HondaCivicRT 4WD1988 HondaCivicRT 4WD1989 HondaCivicRT 4WD1990 HondaCivicRT 4WD1991 HondaCivicSi1989 HondaCivicSi1990 HondaCivicSi1991 HondaCivicWagovan1988 HondaCivicWagovan1989

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