MaxTrac 09-14 Ford F-150 2WD 4in/2in MaxPro Elite Spindle Lift Kit w/FOX Shocks

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The Maxtrac Suspension 4-inch lift for the Ford F150 is a cost-effective way to lift your 2WD wheel drive truck without breaking the budget. We do this by taking a factory height spindle and lowering the wheel hub position, which in turn raises the vehicle up while maintaining a factory-like ride and turning radius. By doing this, you eliminate the need to install expensive crossmembers that are labor intensive and require factory frame cuts. The spindles come with extended, DOT compliant, stainless steel braided brake lines. The rear lift comes with Fox 2.0 monotube shocks, lift blocks and U-bolts. The end result, you achieve a lifted truck with a leveled stance for a fraction of the cost of a standard 4WD kit. Fitment: FordF-150FX22010 FordF-150FX22011 FordF-150FX22012 FordF-150FX22013 FordF-150FX22014 FordF-150Harley-Davidson Edition2010 FordF-150Harley-Davidson Edition2011 FordF-150Harley-Davidson Edition2012 FordF-150King Ranch2009 FordF-150King Ranch2010 FordF-150King Ranch2011 FordF-150King Ranch2012 FordF-150King Ranch2013 FordF-150King Ranch2014 FordF-150King Ranch2015 FordF-150King Ranch2016 FordF-150King Ranch2017 FordF-150King Ranch2018 FordF-150Lariat2009 FordF-150Lariat2010 FordF-150Lariat2011 FordF-150Lariat2012 FordF-150Lariat2013 FordF-150Lariat2014 FordF-150Lariat2015 FordF-150Lariat2016 FordF-150Lariat2017 FordF-150Lariat2018 FordF-150Lariat Limited2011 FordF-150Limited2013 FordF-150Limited2014 FordF-150Limited2016 FordF-150Limited2017 FordF-150Limited2018 FordF-150Platinum2009 FordF-150Platinum2010 FordF-150Platinum2011 FordF-150Platinum2012 FordF-150Platinum2013 FordF-150Platinum2014 FordF-150Platinum2015 FordF-150Platinum2016 FordF-150Platinum2017 FordF-150Platinum2018 FordF-150SSV2016 FordF-150SSV2017 FordF-150SSV2018 FordF-150STX2009 FordF-150STX2010 FordF-150STX2011 FordF-150STX2012 FordF-150STX2013 FordF-150STX2014 FordF-150XL2009 FordF-150XL2010 FordF-150XL2011 FordF-150XL2012 FordF-150XL2013 FordF-150XL2014 FordF-150XL2015 FordF-150XL2016 FordF-150XL2017 FordF-150XL2018 FordF-150XLT2009 FordF-150XLT2010 FordF-150XLT2011 FordF-150XLT2012 FordF-150XLT2013 FordF-150XLT2014 FordF-150XLT2015 FordF-150XLT2016 FordF-150XLT2017 FordF-150XLT2018

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