Koni Sport (Yellow) Shock 03-09 BMW Z4 - Left Front

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8741 1450LSPOR
KONI Sport 8741 Series, yellow painted, externally rebound adjustable twin-tube low pressure gas charged strut. BMW Z4 2003- FRONT L Fitment: BMW Z4 2.5i 2003 BMW Z4 2.5i 2004 BMW Z4 2.5i 2005 BMW Z4 3.0i 2003 BMW Z4 3.0i 2004 BMW Z4 3.0i 2005 BMW Z4 Coupe 3.0si 2006 BMW Z4 Coupe 3.0si 2007 BMW Z4 Coupe 3.0si 2008 BMW Z4 Roadster 3.0i 2006 BMW Z4 Roadster 3.0i 2007 BMW Z4 Roadster 3.0i 2008 BMW Z4 Roadster 3.0si 2006 BMW Z4 Roadster 3.0si 2007 BMW Z4 Roadster 3.0si 2008

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