JE Pistons

JE Pistons Ring Sets 1.0-1.2-2.8-92.25

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JE Piston Rings are designed to maximize horsepower through precision sealing of combustion pressure. They are offered in a huge selection of sizes, various materials, and in multiple thicknesses to suit a wide variety of engines. JE Pistons also offers an array of custom piston ring services including back cutting, dyke cutting, lapping, grinding, and PVD coating. These services, the same used by top NHRA Pro Stock and NASCAR teams, are now available to the public and offer tremendous gains in durability, power through reduced friction, and improved ring seal. Piston Ring Set, 8 Cyl., File Fit, 0.0394 in. Carbon Steel Nitride Top Ring, 0.0472 in. Ductile Iron Phosphate Second Ring, 0.1102 in. Carbon Steel Nitride Low Tension Oil Ring, Each.

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