Injen 95-99 Eclipse Turbo Must Use Stock Blow Off Valve Polished Short Ram Intake

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The Injen IS Series is a traditional underhood intake system that is placed in the stock location of the factory air-box system. Each system is built from 6061 T-6 aluminum alloy to ensure the lightest design possible. Every IS system is certified or pending by the California Air Resource Board and backed by Injen Technology?s limited lifetime warranty. Short Ram Air Intake System; Incl. Tubing/Filter/Hardware/Instruction; HP Gains +12.6 HP; Polished; Must Use Stock Blow Off Valve - Recirculating system Mitsubishi 95-99 Eclipse Turbo; Must Use Stock Blow Off Valve Must Use Stock Blow Off Valve Fitment: MitsubishiEclipseGST1995 MitsubishiEclipseGST1996 MitsubishiEclipseGST1997 MitsubishiEclipseGST1998 MitsubishiEclipseGST1999 MitsubishiEclipseGSX1995 MitsubishiEclipseGSX1996 MitsubishiEclipseGSX1997 MitsubishiEclipseGSX1998 MitsubishiEclipseGSX1999 MitsubishiEclipseSpyder GST1996 MitsubishiEclipseSpyder GST1997 MitsubishiEclipseSpyder GST1998 MitsubishiEclipseSpyder GST1999 ToyotaTundra1794 Edition2021 ToyotaTundraLimited2021 ToyotaTundraPlatinum2021 ToyotaTundraSR2021 ToyotaTundraSR52021 ToyotaTundraTrail2021 ToyotaTundraTRD Pro2021

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