H&R 16-19 Ford Focus RS 26mm Adj. 2 Hole Sway Bar - Front

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H&R'sport Sway Bars are designed for drivers'who desire improved handling without lowering or affecting ride quality. H&R'sport Sway Bars increase your suspension's roll stiffness-or its resistance to roll in turns-while maintaining ride comfort and dramatically increasing cornering control, lateral stability, and grip. A unique feature of H&R'sport Sway Bars are the smooth, machined-like forged ends that, for specific vehicles, allow for adjustability in stiffness-giving you an unmatched level of precision and performance. Sway Bar Bushings: Available exclusively with H&R'sport Sway Bar kits. Our proprietary sway bar bushings feature a special urethane/Teflon composite that prevents squeaks and eliminates the need for lubrication. No mess, no maintenance, a perfect fit. H&R Springs Sway Bar Kit Fitment: Ford Focus RS 2016 Ford Focus RS 2017 Ford Focus RS 2018

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