H&R 15-19 Volkswagen Golf/Golf GTI S/SE/SEL/1.8T MK7 RSS+ Coil Over (Damping Adjustable)

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H&R RSS+ Coil Overs are the ultimate high performance suspension with features only found on race cars. RSS+ include MONO-TUBE shock design for precise control-and externally adjustable shock damping. Some RSS+ Coil Overs feature high-tech light weight aluminum shock bodies that have a black hard anodized finish for beauty and corrosion resistance-H&R engineers have spared no expense developing RSS+. These beauties feature damping adjustment that simultaneously fine tunes rebound and compression damping for perfect balance and control. H&R Springs RSS+ Coil Over Kit Fitment: VolkswagenGolfBase2016 VolkswagenGolfLaunch Edition2015 VolkswagenGolfS2015 VolkswagenGolfS2016 VolkswagenGolfS2017 VolkswagenGolfS2018 VolkswagenGolfS2019 VolkswagenGolfSE2015 VolkswagenGolfSE2016 VolkswagenGolfSE2018 VolkswagenGolfSE2019 VolkswagenGolfSEL2015 VolkswagenGolfSEL2016 VolkswagenGolfTDI S2015 VolkswagenGolfTDI SE2015 VolkswagenGolfTDI SEL2015 VolkswagenGolfWolfsburg Edition2017 VolkswagenGTIAutobahn2015 VolkswagenGTIAutobahn2016 VolkswagenGTIAutobahn2017 VolkswagenGTIAutobahn2018 VolkswagenGTIAutobahn2019 VolkswagenGTIS2015 VolkswagenGTIS2016 VolkswagenGTIS2017 VolkswagenGTIS2018 VolkswagenGTIS2019 VolkswagenGTIS2020 VolkswagenGTISE2015 VolkswagenGTISE2016 VolkswagenGTISE2017 VolkswagenGTISE2018 VolkswagenGTISE2019 VolkswagenGTISE2020 VolkswagenGTISport2017

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