Grams Performance

Grams Performance 750cc E90/E92/E93 INJECTOR KIT

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Grams Performance is proud to offer the most innovative high-performance fuel injectors for today's performance vehicles. Premium materials, advanced manufacturing techniques, and stringent quality control procedures make Grams Performance the leader in high-performance fuel injectors. Fitment: BMW325iBase2006 BMW325xiBase2006 BMW328iBase2007 BMW328iBase2008 BMW328iBase2009 BMW328iBase2010 BMW328iBase2011 BMW328iBase2012 BMW328iBase2013 BMW328i xDriveBase2009 BMW328i xDriveBase2010 BMW328i xDriveBase2011 BMW328i xDriveBase2012 BMW328i xDriveBase2013 BMW328xiBase2007 BMW328xiBase2008 BMW330iBase2006 BMW330xiBase2006 BMW335iBase2007 BMW335iBase2008 BMW335iBase2009 BMW335iBase2010 BMW335iBase2011 BMW335iBase2012 BMW335iBase2013 BMW335i xDriveBase2009 BMW335i xDriveBase2010 BMW335i xDriveBase2011 BMW335i xDriveBase2012 BMW335i xDriveBase2013 BMW335isBase2011 BMW335isBase2012 BMW335isBase2013 BMW335xiBase2007 BMW335xiBase2008 BMWM3Base2008 BMWM3Base2009 BMWM3Base2010 BMWM3Base2011 BMWM3Base2012 BMWM3Base2013