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GFB Diverter Valve DV+ Volkswagen TSI/TFSI w/Pierburg Diverter Valve

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Like all valves in the DV+ family, the T9381 offers significant benefits over factory-fitted electronic diverter valves * sharper throttle response, faster boost recovery on gearshift or brief throttle lifts, improved boost holding, and unrivalled longevity. Where the T9381 differs from the T9351 DV+ is that it includes a low-profile integrated solenoid, rather than disassembling the factory diverter valve and re-using the solenoid. This means the T9381 can be used to replace the factory diverter valve entirely rather than re-use the solenoid, or its low height allows it to be used on cars where a lack of clearance would prevent the fitment of a T9351 DV+. Perfect examples would include the EA888 gen3 engine found in the 2013.5 VW GLI, any MQB platform with an IS38 turbo and/or an aftermarket intake, or the 4.0 TFSI from 2012-2017. High Performance Diverter Valve with low-profile integrated solenoid for applications where clearance issues prevent the fitment of a T9351. Offers sharper throttle response, faster boost recovery on gearshift, and improved boost holding

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