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GFB Diverter Valve DV+ 13-18 Renault Clio IV RS

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The factory BPV (bypass valve) has a couple of key shortcomings in construction and operation. First of all, tuned engines running high boost also produce a lot of heat in the charge air. Because the BPV is situated right on the compressor, it is subjected to the hottest part of the intake charge, and the heat from the compressor cover itself. This can cause the factory diaphragm to rupture, and if that happens and goes undetected for a while, it can cause damage to the turbo, as the ECU will try to compensate for the lost boost pressure by increasing turbo speed. Second, the operation of the factory BPV is not aimed at throttle response. Because of the soft spring and the solenoid valve that is in-line with the vacuum hose, it can only operate in two states ? fully open, or fully shut. By retaining the factory ECU control and recirculating the vented air, the DV+ T9362 is a purely performance oriented product. Renault Direct Factory Replacement (Suits Renault Cleo RS) Fitment: NissanJukeNismo2013 NissanJukeNismo2014 NissanJukeNismo2015 NissanJukeNismo2016 NissanJukeNismo2017 NissanJukeNismo RS2014 NissanJukeNismo RS2015 NissanJukeNismo RS2016 NissanJukeNismo RS2017 NissanJukeS2011 NissanJukeS2012 NissanJukeS2013 NissanJukeS2014 NissanJukeS2015 NissanJukeS2016 NissanJukeS2017 NissanJukeSL2011 NissanJukeSL2012 NissanJukeSL2013 NissanJukeSL2014 NissanJukeSL2015 NissanJukeSL2016 NissanJukeSL2017 NissanJukeSV2011 NissanJukeSV2012 NissanJukeSV2013 NissanJukeSV2014 NissanJukeSV2015 NissanJukeSV2016 NissanJukeSV2017

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