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GFB 91-98 Nissan Silvia / 90-96 Nissan 300ZX (requires 2 kits) TMS Respons Blow Off Valve Kit

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If cars like yours typically suffer issues such as backfiring and stalling when using a fixed-ratio atmosphere-venting BOV, the Respons can help. By adjusting the venting bias to suit the car you can achieve a blow-off sound without having to put up with the issues. Like all GFB valves, the Respons utilises GFB's proven TMS Technology to ensure rapid boost recovery on gearshift and optimum throttle response, as well as the ability to withstand boost pressures of 100 psi plus. Put simply, it can hold more boost than any turbo could produce. GFB?s Respons, allowing you to infinitely vary how much air is recirculated or vented to atmosphere. Simply by twisting the adjustment ring, you can change the sound of your BOV from silent to ear-shattering!? Subaru 35mm inlet, 30mm outlet - suits MY97-98 WRX/Sti Fitment: ChryslerConquestBase1987 ChryslerConquestTSi1988 Mazda626GT1986 Mazda626GT1987 Mazda626GT1990 Mazda626GT1991 Mazda626Turbo1988 Mazda626Turbo1989 Mazda626Turbo 4WS1988 MazdaMX-6GT1988 MazdaMX-6GT1989 MazdaMX-6GT1990 MazdaMX-6GT1991 MazdaMX-6GT1992 MazdaMX-6GT 4WS1989 MazdaMX-6GT 4WS1990 MitsubishiCordiaTurbo1984 MitsubishiCordiaTurbo1985 MitsubishiCordiaTurbo1986 MitsubishiCordiaTurbo1987 MitsubishiCordiaTurbo1988 MitsubishiStarionBase1983 MitsubishiStarionES1984 MitsubishiStarionES1985 MitsubishiStarionESi1985 MitsubishiStarionESi1988 MitsubishiStarionESi-R1986 MitsubishiStarionESi-R1987 MitsubishiStarionESi-R1988 MitsubishiStarionESi-R1989 MitsubishiStarionLE1984 MitsubishiStarionLE1985 MitsubishiStarionLE1986 MitsubishiStarionLE1987 MitsubishiStarionLS1983 MitsubishiStarionLS1984 MitsubishiStarionLS1985 Nissan300ZXTurbo1989 Nissan300ZXTurbo1990 Nissan300ZXTurbo1991 Nissan300ZXTurbo1992 Nissan300ZXTurbo1993 Nissan300ZXTurbo1994 Nissan300ZXTurbo1995 Nissan300ZXTurbo1996 SubaruImprezaBrighton1997 SubaruImprezaL1997 SubaruImprezaL1998 SubaruImprezaOutback1997 SubaruImprezaOutback1998 SubaruImprezaRS1998 ToyotaCelicaAll Trac1988 ToyotaCelicaAll Trac1989 ToyotaCelicaAll Trac1990 ToyotaCelicaAll Trac1991 ToyotaCelicaAll Trac1992 ToyotaCelicaGTS All Trac1993

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