Fox 05+ Tacoma 2.5 Factory Series 7.7in. Remote Res. Coilover Set w/DSC Adj. / Long Travel - Black

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Developed from our off-road race shocks, FOX Factory Race Series combines race-proven technology with new, cutting-edge features to provide enhanced ride-quality and winning damping performance you can bolt onto your truck or SUV. Kit: Total Chaos; 05-ON Toyota Tacoma Front Coilover; 2.5 Series; R/R; 7.7/quot;; Long Travel; DSC 2.5 COIL-OVER RESERVOIR SHOCK (PAIR) - ADJUSTABLE Fitment: ToyotaTacomaBase2005 ToyotaTacomaBase2006 ToyotaTacomaBase2007 ToyotaTacomaBase2008 ToyotaTacomaBase2009 ToyotaTacomaBase2010 ToyotaTacomaBase2011 ToyotaTacomaBase2012 ToyotaTacomaBase2013 ToyotaTacomaBase2014 ToyotaTacomaBase2015 ToyotaTacomaLimited2016 ToyotaTacomaLimited2017 ToyotaTacomaPre Runner2005 ToyotaTacomaPre Runner2006 ToyotaTacomaPre Runner2007 ToyotaTacomaPre Runner2008 ToyotaTacomaPre Runner2009 ToyotaTacomaPre Runner2010 ToyotaTacomaPre Runner2011 ToyotaTacomaPre Runner2012 ToyotaTacomaPre Runner2013 ToyotaTacomaPre Runner2014 ToyotaTacomaPre Runner2015 ToyotaTacomaSR2016 ToyotaTacomaSR2017 ToyotaTacomaSR52016 ToyotaTacomaSR52017 ToyotaTacomaTRD Off-Road2016 ToyotaTacomaTRD Off-Road2017 ToyotaTacomaTRD Pro2015 ToyotaTacomaTRD Pro2017 ToyotaTacomaTRD Sport2016 ToyotaTacomaTRD Sport2017 ToyotaTacomaX-Runner2005 ToyotaTacomaX-Runner2006 ToyotaTacomaX-Runner2007 ToyotaTacomaX-Runner2008 ToyotaTacomaX-Runner2009 ToyotaTacomaX-Runner2010 ToyotaTacomaX-Runner2011 ToyotaTacomaX-Runner2012 ToyotaTacomaX-Runner2013

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