FAST Air/Fuel Meter FAST-(2) Sensor

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With no laptop required, FAST? has developed three simple, easy-to-use air/fuel meters for gasoline, diesel and Ethanol/Methanol (E85) fuels. Available in single or dual sensor units, these meters give tuners the power to read two wide-band O2 sensors individually or average them together for maximum accuracy of the engine?s air/fuel ratio reading. The FAST? Air/ Fuel Meters include several enhanced capabilities, including the built-in data logging capability that plays back recorded information on a lighted, full graphical display screen rather than using a laptop computer. Additional features include outputs for external data loggers, digital gauges, as well as a narrow-band simulator function that allows you to feed your engine?s computer a factory signal while using the wide-band sensor for air/fuel measurement. Ideal for carbureted and EFI engines, this Air/Fuel meter kit features a standard length harness for use with cars. Requiring no laptop, this dual sensor kit can datalog internally which is ideal for tuning on the go. 170408 - Replacement O2 Sensor

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