Exedy 1989-1991 Toyota Corolla L4 Stage 1 Organic Clutch

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EXEDY Stage 1 Organic Racing Clutches only use premium friction materials that are resistant to slippage and burst. Increased clamp loads give the necessary capacity to handle modified engines. This is the ideal clutch for street and light horsepower track use. Drivability is similar to the stock clutch. Pedal efforts will be slightly higher because of the higher clamp loads. All of our Stage 1 clutch discs have spring center dampers to reduce drivetrain shock and provide smooth clutch engagement. Ultra-Fiber Organic Disc: This advanced facing material provides the high heat resistance essential for motorsports. It was developed by reviewing both the copper wire ratio and the composition of the high strength fiber. The Ultra Fiber Disc maintains the superior half-engagement feeling specific to the Organic material. With improved high heat resistance, it provides the functionality essential for street performance and mild racing applications. Clutch Cover: These clutch covers are designed to achieve a clamping load that is approx. 40% higher than the genuine part allowing a higher torque transmitting capacity. Ductile material is used for all pressure plates and, high burst strength can be achieved in all temperature ranges. All EXEDY Racing Stage 1 Organic Clutch Kits carry SFI 1.1 Certification. Which means, when you buy these products, you can be confident they are certified for use in competitive motorsports. Stage 1 Organic Clutch Kit; Ductile Casting; 215mm; 21T/24.1mm Spline; Stage 1 Organic Clutch Fitment: GeoPrizmBase1990 GeoPrizmBase1991 GeoPrizmBase1992 GeoPrizmBase1993 GeoPrizmBase1994 GeoPrizmBase1995 GeoPrizmBase1996 GeoPrizmBase1997 GeoPrizmGSi1990 GeoPrizmGSi1991 GeoPrizmGSi1992 GeoPrizmLSi1991 GeoPrizmLSi1992 GeoPrizmLSi1993 GeoPrizmLSi1994 GeoPrizmLSi1995 GeoPrizmLSi1996 GeoPrizmLSi1997 LotusEliseBase2005 LotusEliseBase2006 LotusEliseBase2007 LotusEliseBase2008 LotusEliseBase2009 LotusEliseBase2010 LotusEliseBase2011 LotusEliseR2011 LotusEliseSC2008 LotusEliseSC2009 LotusEliseSC2010 LotusEliseSC2011 LotusExigeBase2006 LotusExigeS2007 LotusExigeS2008 LotusExigeS2009 LotusExigeS 2402008 LotusExigeS 2402009 LotusExigeS 2402010 PontiacVibeBase2003 PontiacVibeBase2004 PontiacVibeBase2005 PontiacVibeBase2006 PontiacVibeGT2003 PontiacVibeGT2004 PontiacVibeGT2005 PontiacVibeGT2006 ToyotaCelicaGT2000 ToyotaCelicaGT2001 ToyotaCelicaGT2002 ToyotaCelicaGT2003 ToyotaCelicaGT2004 ToyotaCelicaGT2005 ToyotaCelicaGTS2000 ToyotaCelicaGTS2001 ToyotaCelicaGTS2002 ToyotaCelicaGTS2003 ToyotaCelicaGTS2004 ToyotaCelicaGTS2005 ToyotaCelicaST1994 ToyotaCelicaST1995 ToyotaCelicaST1996 ToyotaCelicaST1997 ToyotaCorollaBase1992 ToyotaCorollaCE1997 ToyotaCorollaCE1998 ToyotaCorollaCE1999 ToyotaCorollaCE2000 ToyotaCorollaCE2001 ToyotaCorollaCE2002 ToyotaCorollaCE2003 ToyotaCorollaCE2004 ToyotaCorollaDLX1992 ToyotaCorollaDLX All Trac1992 ToyotaCorollaDX1993 ToyotaCorollaDX1994 ToyotaCorollaDX1995 ToyotaCorollaDX1996 ToyotaCorollaDX1997 ToyotaCorollaGTS1989 ToyotaCorollaGTS1990 ToyotaCorollaGTS1991 ToyotaCorollaLE1992 ToyotaCorollaLE1993 ToyotaCorollaLE1994 ToyotaCorollaLE1995 ToyotaCorollaLE1997 ToyotaCorollaLE1998 ToyotaCorollaLE1999 ToyotaCorollaLE2000 ToyotaCorollaLE2001 ToyotaCorollaLE2002 ToyotaCorollaLE2003 ToyotaCorollaLE2004 ToyotaCorollaS2001 ToyotaCorollaS2002 ToyotaCorollaS2003 ToyotaCorollaS2004 ToyotaCorollaVE1998 ToyotaCorollaVE1999 ToyotaCorollaVE2000 ToyotaMatrixBase2003 ToyotaMatrixBase2004 ToyotaMatrixBase2005 ToyotaMatrixBase2006 ToyotaMatrixBase2007 ToyotaMatrixBase2008 ToyotaMatrixXR2003 ToyotaMatrixXR2004 ToyotaMatrixXR2005 ToyotaMatrixXR2006 ToyotaMatrixXR2007 ToyotaMatrixXR2008 ToyotaMatrixXRS2003 ToyotaMatrixXRS2004 ToyotaMatrixXRS2005 ToyotaMatrixXRS2006 ToyotaMR2GT1986 ToyotaMR2GT1987 ToyotaMR2GT1988 ToyotaMR2GT1989 ToyotaMR2Super Charged1988 ToyotaMR2Super Charged1989 ToyotaMR2 SpyderBase2000 ToyotaMR2 SpyderBase2001 ToyotaMR2 SpyderBase2002 ToyotaMR2 SpyderBase2003 ToyotaMR2 SpyderBase2004 ToyotaMR2 SpyderBase2005

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