Energy Suspension

Energy Suspension 95-99 Nissan Sentra/200SX Red Manual Transmission Shifter Stabilizer Bushing Set (

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Energy Suspension now offers performance polyurethane suspension bushings to add greater handling and power-to the ground performance. Far greater than factory rubber bushings, Energy*s Hyper-Flex*polyurethane components can tame your Vehicle on the street and track. Manual Transmission Shifter Stabilizer Bushing Set; Red; Must Reuse All Metal Hardware; Performance Polyurethane; Fitment: Nissan200SXBase1995 Nissan200SXBase1996 Nissan200SXBase1997 Nissan200SXBase1998 Nissan200SXSE1995 Nissan200SXSE1996 Nissan200SXSE1997 Nissan200SXSE1998 Nissan200SXSE-R1995 Nissan200SXSE-R1996 Nissan200SXSE-R1997 Nissan200SXSE-R1998 NissanSentraBase1995 NissanSentraBase1996 NissanSentraBase1997 NissanSentraBase1998 NissanSentraGLE1995 NissanSentraGLE1996 NissanSentraGLE1997 NissanSentraGLE1998 NissanSentraGXE1995 NissanSentraGXE1996 NissanSentraGXE1997 NissanSentraGXE1998 NissanSentraGXE1999 NissanSentraSE1998 NissanSentraSE1999 NissanSentraXE1995 NissanSentraXE1996 NissanSentraXE1997 NissanSentraXE1998 NissanSentraXE1999

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