Energy Suspension

Energy Suspension 95-99 Chrysler Neon Black Motor & Transmission Mount Inserts

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Available for many popular sporty and performance front wheel drive vehicles. A real must to use for sport compact competition and performance uses. Helps reduce wheel hop and traction loss. Prevents damage to other vehicle components. Improves and even restores broken motor mounts. Made of Hyper-Flex(TM) performance polyurethane. Resistant to under vehicle fluid oils, coolants and road contaminants. Polyurethane Motor Mount Insert; Black; Motor And Transmission Inserts; Performance Polyurethane; Fitment: Dodge Neon ACR 1998 Dodge Neon ACR 1999 Dodge Neon Base 1995 Dodge Neon Base 1996 Dodge Neon Base 1997 Dodge Neon High Line 1995 Dodge Neon High Line 1996 Dodge Neon High Line 1997 Dodge Neon High Line 1998 Dodge Neon High Line 1999 Dodge Neon R/T 1998 Dodge Neon R/T 1999 Dodge Neon Sport 1995 Dodge Neon Sport 1996 Dodge Neon Sport 1997 Dodge Neon Sport 1998 Dodge Neon Sport 1999 Plymouth Neon ACR 1998 Plymouth Neon ACR 1999 Plymouth Neon Base 1995 Plymouth Neon Base 1996 Plymouth Neon Base 1997 Plymouth Neon Expresso 1998 Plymouth Neon Expresso 1999 Plymouth Neon High Line 1995 Plymouth Neon High Line 1996 Plymouth Neon High Line 1997 Plymouth Neon High Line 1998 Plymouth Neon High Line 1999 Plymouth Neon Sport 1995 Plymouth Neon Sport 1996 Plymouth Neon Style 1998 Plymouth Neon Style 1999

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