Energy Suspension

Energy Suspension 88-92 Mazda 626/MX6 Red Front End Links

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Made of high durometer, very firm, Hyper-Flex(TM) performance polyurethane. They're economical, increase efficiency and are easy to install. Use Energy Suspension sway bar end links with sway bar bushings to get the maximum performance benefit. Combine both for the same effect as buying a larger sway bar. Together they offer a dramatic improvement in performance and handling. Sway Bar End Link; Red; Grommets Only; ID 3/8 in.; Nipple OD 5/8 in.; OD 1 in.; 8 pc.; Fitment: Mazda626DX1988 Mazda626DX1989 Mazda626DX1990 Mazda626DX1991 Mazda626DX1992 Mazda626GT1990 Mazda626GT1991 Mazda626LE1991 Mazda626LX1988 Mazda626LX1989 Mazda626LX1990 Mazda626LX1991 Mazda626LX1992 Mazda626Turbo1988 Mazda626Turbo1989 Mazda626Turbo 4WS1988 MazdaMX-6DX1988 MazdaMX-6DX1989 MazdaMX-6DX1990 MazdaMX-6DX1991 MazdaMX-6DX1992 MazdaMX-6GT1988 MazdaMX-6GT1989 MazdaMX-6GT1990 MazdaMX-6GT1991 MazdaMX-6GT1992 MazdaMX-6GT 4WS1989 MazdaMX-6GT 4WS1990 MazdaMX-6LE1991 MazdaMX-6LX1988 MazdaMX-6LX1989 MazdaMX-6LX1990 MazdaMX-6LX1991 MazdaMX-6LX1992

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