Energy Suspension

Energy Suspension 6/74-80 MG MGB Black Front Control Arm Bushing Set

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For both front and rear of suspensions on cars, trucks and SUVs. Made of Energy's Hyper-Flex performance polyurethane for optimum performance and durability. Maintains proper alignment under extreme conditions on the street, track or off-road. Improves vehicle handling, cornering and overall control. Full floating for smoother, efficient operation. Outlasts and outperforms rubber. Control Arm Bushing Set; Black; Front; Performance Polyurethane; Fitment: MG MGB Base 1963 MG MGB Base 1964 MG MGB Base 1965 MG MGB Base 1966 MG MGB Base 1967 MG MGB Base 1968 MG MGB Base 1969 MG MGB Base 1970 MG MGB Base 1971 MG MGB Base 1972 MG MGB Base 1973 MG MGB Base 1974 MG MGB GT 1963 MG MGB GT 1964 MG MGB GT 1965 MG MGB GT 1966 MG MGB GT 1967 MG MGB GT 1968 MG MGB GT 1969 MG MGB GT 1970 MG MGB GT 1971 MG MGB GT 1972 MG MGB GT 1973 MG MGB GT 1974 MG MGB MK IV 1975 MG MGB MK IV 1976 MG MGB MK IV 1977 MG MGB MK IV 1978 MG MGB MK IV 1979 MG MGB MK IV 1980 MG MGB V-8 1973 MG MGB V-8 1974 MG MGB V-8 1975 MG MGB V-8 1976

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