EBC S7 Kits Orangestuff Pads & BSD Rotors S7KF1028

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Save 15% over cost of buying separate parts with this quality pad and rotor kit which includes pads rotors pads rotors and caliper lube. As with the Bluestuff pads Orange grade pads once bedded are safe for street driving on your way to a track event.Lifetime is longer than Bluestuff grade but again must be regularly monitored especially if driving home on these brakes after track use. Save 10percent buying separate parts with EBC Brakes quality brake kit. High efficiency EBC pads with patented EBC Brake-in coating and premium rotors with thermic anti rust coating, fully balanced and run-out tested for smooth braking. DO NOT FIT UPGRADE PADS TO REAR OF VEHICLE UNLESS SAME UPGRADE FITTED TO FRONT, The Thermic Black coating? does NOT need to be removed before install. Do NOT use brake cleaner or any other method to remove Thermic Black coating from discs rotors. The Thermic black coating will be removed in the pad swept area by the brake pads with in the first 10 to 20 stops made after installation on the vehicle.The Thermic Black coating? is an anti corrosion coating for long resistance against rust. Attempting to remove Thermic Black Coating with brake cleaner or any other method is NOT covered under EBC warranty Front S7K FMSI D784 2004 GMC Sierra 2500 3/4 Ton HD 4WS Fitment: ChevroletSilverado 2500Base2001 ChevroletSilverado 2500Base2002 ChevroletSilverado 2500Base2003 ChevroletSilverado 2500Base2004 ChevroletSilverado 2500LS2001 ChevroletSilverado 2500LS2002 ChevroletSilverado 2500LS2003 ChevroletSilverado 2500LS2004 ChevroletSilverado 2500LT2001 ChevroletSilverado 2500LT2002 ChevroletSilverado 2500LT2003 ChevroletSilverado 2500LT2004 ChevroletSilverado 2500WT2004 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDBase2001 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDBase2002 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDBase2003 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDBase2004 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDBase2005 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDLS2001 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDLS2002 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDLS2003 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDLS2004 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDLS2005 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDLS2006 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDLT2001 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDLT2002 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDLT2003 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDLT2004 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDLT2005 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDLT2006 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDLT2007 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDLT2008 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDLT2009 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDLT2010 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDLTZ2007 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDLTZ2008 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDLTZ2009 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDLTZ2010 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDWT2003 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDWT2004 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDWT2005 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDWT2006 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDWT2007 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDWT2008 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDWT2009 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDWT2010 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HD ClassicLS2007 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HD ClassicLT2007 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HD ClassicWT2007 GMCSierra 2500Base2002 GMCSierra 2500Base2003 GMCSierra 2500Base2004 GMCSierra 2500SL2001 GMCSierra 2500SL2002 GMCSierra 2500SLE2001 GMCSierra 2500SLE2002 GMCSierra 2500SLE2003 GMCSierra 2500SLE2004 GMCSierra 2500SLT2001 GMCSierra 2500SLT2002 GMCSierra 2500SLT2003 GMCSierra 2500SLT2004 GMCSierra 2500WT2003 GMCSierra 2500WT2004 GMCSierra 2500 HDBase2002 GMCSierra 2500 HDBase2003 GMCSierra 2500 HDBase2004 GMCSierra 2500 HDBase2005 GMCSierra 2500 HDSL2001 GMCSierra 2500 HDSL2002 GMCSierra 2500 HDSL2006 GMCSierra 2500 HDSLE2001 GMCSierra 2500 HDSLE2002 GMCSierra 2500 HDSLE2003 GMCSierra 2500 HDSLE2004 GMCSierra 2500 HDSLE2005 GMCSierra 2500 HDSLE2006 GMCSierra 2500 HDSLE2007 GMCSierra 2500 HDSLE2008 GMCSierra 2500 HDSLE2009 GMCSierra 2500 HDSLE2010 GMCSierra 2500 HDSLT2001 GMCSierra 2500 HDSLT2002 GMCSierra 2500 HDSLT2003 GMCSierra 2500 HDSLT2004 GMCSierra 2500 HDSLT2005 GMCSierra 2500 HDSLT2006 GMCSierra 2500 HDSLT2007 GMCSierra 2500 HDSLT2008 GMCSierra 2500 HDSLT2009 GMCSierra 2500 HDSLT2010 GMCSierra 2500 HDWT2003 GMCSierra 2500 HDWT2004 GMCSierra 2500 HDWT2005 GMCSierra 2500 HDWT2006 GMCSierra 2500 HDWT2007 GMCSierra 2500 HDWT2008 GMCSierra 2500 HDWT2009 GMCSierra 2500 HDWT2010 GMCSierra 2500 HD ClassicSL2007 GMCSierra 2500 HD ClassicSLE2007 GMCSierra 2500 HD ClassicSLT2007 GMCSierra 2500 HD ClassicWT2007 GMCSierra 3500Base2002 GMCSierra 3500Base2003 GMCSierra 3500Base2004 GMCSierra 3500Base2005 GMCSierra 3500SL2001 GMCSierra 3500SL2002 GMCSierra 3500SL2006 GMCSierra 3500SLE2001 GMCSierra 3500SLE2002 GMCSierra 3500SLE2003 GMCSierra 3500SLE2004 GMCSierra 3500SLE2005 GMCSierra 3500SLE2006 GMCSierra 3500SLT2001 GMCSierra 3500SLT2002 GMCSierra 3500SLT2003 GMCSierra 3500SLT2004 GMCSierra 3500SLT2005 GMCSierra 3500SLT2006 GMCSierra 3500WT2004 GMCSierra 3500WT2005 GMCSierra 3500WT2006 GMCSierra 3500 ClassicSL2007 GMCSierra 3500 ClassicSLE2007 GMCSierra 3500 ClassicSLT2007 GMCSierra 3500 ClassicWT2007 GMCSierra 3500 HDSLE2007 GMCSierra 3500 HDSLE2008 GMCSierra 3500 HDSLE2009 GMCSierra 3500 HDSLE2010 GMCSierra 3500 HDSLT2007 GMCSierra 3500 HDSLT2008 GMCSierra 3500 HDSLT2009 GMCSierra 3500 HDSLT2010 GMCSierra 3500 HDWT2007 GMCSierra 3500 HDWT2008 GMCSierra 3500 HDWT2009 GMCSierra 3500 HDWT2010

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