EBC S5 Kits Yellowstuff Pads & GD Rotors S5KR1743

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Save 10% from buying separate parts with EBC Brakes quality brake kit. High efficiency EBC pads with patented EBC Brake-in coating and premium rotors with thermic anti rust coating, fully balanced and run-out tested for smooth braking. S5 Kits Yellowstuff And GD Rotors; Rear; FMSI Pad No. D1086; Solid; 5 Bolt Holes; 330mm Dia.; 45.5mm Height; 11mm Thick; 70mm Center Hole Dia.; Disc Brake Pad and Rotor / Drum Brake Shoe and Drum Kit Fitment: AcuraMDXBase2017 AcuraMDXBase2018 AcuraMDXBase2019 AcuraMDXBase2020 AcuraMDXSH-AWD2017 AcuraMDXSH-AWD2018 AcuraMDXSH-AWD2019 AcuraMDXSH-AWD2020

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