Eaton Detroit Truetrac Differential 33 Spline Front 9.25in

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The Detroit Truetrac was the first helical gear differential ever introduced into the automotive aftermarket as an Eaton brand. It remains the leading helical gear-type limited slip differential in the industry. Detroit Truetrac's proven helical gear design eliminates the need for wearable parts, resulting in maintenance free traction recognized not only for its toughness, but its smooth and quiet operation as well.Proven design, low cost and effective performance all make the Detroit Truetrac limited slip differential the ideal choice for a wide variety of vehicle applications. No maintenance - Just Traction. Detroit Truetrac? Differential; 33 Spline; Front 9.25 in.; Fitment: ChryslerPT CruiserBase2003 ChryslerPT CruiserBase2004 ChryslerPT CruiserBase2005 ChryslerPT CruiserBase2006 ChryslerPT CruiserBase2007 ChryslerPT CruiserBase2008 ChryslerPT CruiserBase2009 ChryslerPT CruiserClassic2010 ChryslerPT CruiserCouture Edition2010 ChryslerPT CruiserDream Cruiser2005 ChryslerPT CruiserGT2003 ChryslerPT CruiserGT2004 ChryslerPT CruiserGT2005 ChryslerPT CruiserGT2006 ChryslerPT CruiserGT2007 ChryslerPT CruiserLimited2003 ChryslerPT CruiserLimited2004 ChryslerPT CruiserLimited2005 ChryslerPT CruiserLimited2006 ChryslerPT CruiserLimited2007 ChryslerPT CruiserLimited2008 ChryslerPT CruiserLimited2009 ChryslerPT CruiserLX2008 ChryslerPT CruiserLX2009 ChryslerPT CruiserStreet Cruiser2005 ChryslerPT CruiserStreet Cruiser2006 ChryslerPT CruiserTouring2003 ChryslerPT CruiserTouring2004 ChryslerPT CruiserTouring2005 ChryslerPT CruiserTouring2006 ChryslerPT CruiserTouring2007 ChryslerPT CruiserTouring2008 ChryslerPT CruiserTouring2009 DodgeMagnumR/T2005 DodgeMagnumR/T2006 DodgeMagnumR/T2007 DodgeMagnumR/T2008 DodgeMagnumSE2005 DodgeMagnumSE2006 DodgeMagnumSE2007 DodgeMagnumSE2008 DodgeMagnumSRT82006 DodgeMagnumSRT82007 DodgeMagnumSRT82008 DodgeMagnumSXT2005 DodgeMagnumSXT2006 DodgeMagnumSXT2007 DodgeMagnumSXT2008 DodgeMagnumSXT Special Edition2005 DodgeRam 2500Laramie2003 DodgeRam 2500Laramie2005 DodgeRam 2500Laramie2006 DodgeRam 2500Laramie2007 DodgeRam 2500Laramie2008 DodgeRam 2500Laramie2009 DodgeRam 2500Laramie2010 DodgeRam 2500Power Wagon2006 DodgeRam 2500Power Wagon2007 DodgeRam 2500Power Wagon2008 DodgeRam 2500Power Wagon2009 DodgeRam 2500Power Wagon2010 DodgeRam 2500SLT2003 DodgeRam 2500SLT2004 DodgeRam 2500SLT2005 DodgeRam 2500SLT2006 DodgeRam 2500SLT2007 DodgeRam 2500SLT2008 DodgeRam 2500SLT2009 DodgeRam 2500SLT2010 DodgeRam 2500Sport2006 DodgeRam 2500Sport2007 DodgeRam 2500ST2003 DodgeRam 2500ST2004 DodgeRam 2500ST2005 DodgeRam 2500ST2006 DodgeRam 2500ST2007 DodgeRam 2500ST2008 DodgeRam 2500ST2009 DodgeRam 2500ST2010 DodgeRam 2500SXT2008 DodgeRam 2500SXT2009 DodgeRam 2500SXT2010 DodgeRam 2500TRX2010 DodgeRam 2500TRX42006 DodgeRam 2500TRX42007 DodgeRam 3500Laramie2003 DodgeRam 3500Laramie2004 DodgeRam 3500Laramie2005 DodgeRam 3500Laramie2006 DodgeRam 3500Laramie2007 DodgeRam 3500Laramie2008 DodgeRam 3500Laramie2009 DodgeRam 3500Laramie2010 DodgeRam 3500SLT2003 DodgeRam 3500SLT2004 DodgeRam 3500SLT2005 DodgeRam 3500SLT2006 DodgeRam 3500SLT2007 DodgeRam 3500SLT2008 DodgeRam 3500SLT2009 DodgeRam 3500SLT2010 DodgeRam 3500Sport2006 DodgeRam 3500Sport2007 DodgeRam 3500ST2003 DodgeRam 3500ST2004 DodgeRam 3500ST2005 DodgeRam 3500ST2006 DodgeRam 3500ST2007 DodgeRam 3500ST2008 DodgeRam 3500ST2009 DodgeRam 3500ST2010 DodgeRam 3500SXT2008 DodgeRam 3500SXT2009 DodgeRam 3500TRX42007

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