CORSA Performance

Corsa Single Universal 2.5in Inlet / 4.5in Outlet Black PVD Pro-Series Tip Kit

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CORSA Performance Black PVD Pro-Series tips are dual-walled stainless steel. The dual-wall is designed to protect against heat distortion and maintain visual appeal. Each tip is adorned with high-definition, precision laser engraving that provides unmatched detail. Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Technology: PVD is a vacuum coating process of vaporizing a solid metal to a plasma of atoms. Vapor is deposited as a high performance reflective coating to create our black stainless steel Pro-Series tips. Exhaust Tip Kit; Universal; Single 4.5 in. Angle Cut; Round; No Resonator; 8.3 in. Overall Length; 2.5 in. Dia. Pipe; Slash Cut; Clamp Incl.; Black PVD; One tip in kit; Durango requires 2 tips Fitment: DodgeDurangoCitadel2011 DodgeDurangoCitadel2012 DodgeDurangoCitadel2013 DodgeDurangoCitadel2014 DodgeDurangoCitadel2015 DodgeDurangoCitadel2016 DodgeDurangoCitadel2017 DodgeDurangoCitadel2018 DodgeDurangoCitadel2019 DodgeDurangoCitadel2020 DodgeDurangoCitadel2021 DodgeDurangoCrew2011 DodgeDurangoCrew2012 DodgeDurangoCrew2013 DodgeDurangoGT2018 DodgeDurangoLimited2014 DodgeDurangoLimited2015 DodgeDurangoPursuit2018 DodgeDurangoPursuit2019 DodgeDurangoPursuit2020 DodgeDurangoPursuit2021 DodgeDurangoR/T2011 DodgeDurangoR/T2012 DodgeDurangoR/T2013 DodgeDurangoR/T2014 DodgeDurangoR/T2015 DodgeDurangoR/T2016 DodgeDurangoR/T2017 DodgeDurangoR/T2018 DodgeDurangoR/T2019 DodgeDurangoR/T2020 DodgeDurangoR/T2021 DodgeDurangoSpecial Service2012 DodgeDurangoSpecial Service2013 DodgeDurangoSpecial Service2014 DodgeDurangoSpecial Service2015 DodgeDurangoSpecial Service2016 DodgeDurangoSpecial Service2017 DodgeDurangoSpecial Service2018 DodgeDurangoSpecial Service2019 DodgeDurangoSpecial Service2020 DodgeDurangoSpecial Service2021

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