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Corsa Apex 11-17 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.7L MaxFlow 5 Metal Intake System

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CORSA Performance APEX Series Intake Systems offer a free-flowing high performance alternative to your restrictive stock intake. Featuring Dynamic Flow Technology (DFT), APEX series intakes unlock performance gains from your engine. By carefully analyzing and understanding the air path to the engine and engine operation under a range of driving conditions, CORSA Performance engineers designed and created air ducts to maximize air delivery. Each air intake is constructed to maximize flow velocity, air volume and density by utilizing precise cross-sectional areas that remove restrictions, unleashing horsepower and torque. Every APEX Series intake is system-matched with an oversized air filter to maximize air flow and reduce maintenance intervals. APEX Series intakes are finished to enhance the appearance of any engine bay utilizing a durable black wrinkle coat that will stand up to a lifetime of use. CORSA Performance APEX intake systems install quickly (most under 30 minutes) and come complete with step by step installation instructions. Shielded Box Air Intake System; Incl. Blue Air Filter/Metal Heat Shield/Tubing/Adaptors/Hardware; CARB EO unavailable 11-17 Jeep GC SRT 6.4L Fitment: DodgeDurangoCitadel2011 DodgeDurangoCitadel2012 DodgeDurangoCitadel2013 DodgeDurangoCitadel2014 DodgeDurangoCitadel2015 DodgeDurangoCitadel2016 DodgeDurangoCitadel2017 DodgeDurangoCrew2011 DodgeDurangoCrew2012 DodgeDurangoCrew2013 DodgeDurangoLimited2014 DodgeDurangoLimited2015 DodgeDurangoLimited2016 DodgeDurangoR/T2011 DodgeDurangoR/T2012 DodgeDurangoR/T2013 DodgeDurangoR/T2014 DodgeDurangoR/T2015 DodgeDurangoR/T2016 DodgeDurangoR/T2017 DodgeDurangoSpecial Service2012 DodgeDurangoSpecial Service2013 DodgeDurangoSpecial Service2014 DodgeDurangoSpecial Service2015 DodgeDurangoSpecial Service2016 DodgeDurangoSpecial Service2017 JeepGrand CherokeeLaredo2011 JeepGrand CherokeeLaredo2012 JeepGrand CherokeeLaredo2013 JeepGrand CherokeeLimited2011 JeepGrand CherokeeLimited2012 JeepGrand CherokeeLimited2013 JeepGrand CherokeeLimited2014 JeepGrand CherokeeLimited2015 JeepGrand CherokeeLimited2016 JeepGrand CherokeeLimited2017 JeepGrand CherokeeOverland2011 JeepGrand CherokeeOverland2012 JeepGrand CherokeeOverland2013 JeepGrand CherokeeOverland2014 JeepGrand CherokeeOverland2015 JeepGrand CherokeeOverland2016 JeepGrand CherokeeOverland2017 JeepGrand CherokeeOverland Summit2012 JeepGrand CherokeeSummit2014 JeepGrand CherokeeSummit2015 JeepGrand CherokeeSummit2016 JeepGrand CherokeeSummit2017 JeepGrand CherokeeTrailhawk2017

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