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Corsa 18+ Jeep Wrangler JL 2.5in Dual Rear Exit Polished Tips Touring Axle-Back Exhaust

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All dB exhaust systems are constructed from premium stainless steel to deliver lasting performance, sound and appearance. Easy bolt-on installation. No welding needed. All hardware and detailed instructions are included in each kit. Proudly Designed, Engineered & Manufactured in Berea, OH. Our dB systems have a straight-through design that is engineered to provide maximum flow and minimum restriction. Every system is engineered specifically to each vehicle's specifications. Limited 10-Year warranty with proof of purchase. NOTE: Every dB exhaust system is engineered and designed to match the unique properties of the vehicle it is designed for to deliver perfect fitment and performance. CORSA does not recommend or recognize purchases and installation on unspecified vehicles. Axle-Back Fitment: JeepWranglerIslander2021 JeepWranglerIslander2022 JeepWranglerRubicon2018 JeepWranglerRubicon2019 JeepWranglerRubicon2020 JeepWranglerRubicon2021 JeepWranglerRubicon2022 JeepWranglerSport2018 JeepWranglerSport2019 JeepWranglerSport2020 JeepWranglerSport2021 JeepWranglerSport2022 JeepWranglerSport S2018 JeepWranglerSport S2019 JeepWranglerSport S2020 JeepWranglerSport S2021 JeepWranglerSport S2022 JeepWranglerUnlimited Rubicon2018 JeepWranglerUnlimited Rubicon2019 JeepWranglerUnlimited Rubicon2020 JeepWranglerUnlimited Rubicon2021 JeepWranglerUnlimited Rubicon2022 JeepWranglerUnlimited Sahara2018 JeepWranglerUnlimited Sahara2019 JeepWranglerUnlimited Sahara2020 JeepWranglerUnlimited Sahara2021 JeepWranglerUnlimited Sahara2022 JeepWranglerUnlimited Sport2018 JeepWranglerUnlimited Sport2019 JeepWranglerUnlimited Sport2020 JeepWranglerUnlimited Sport2021 JeepWranglerUnlimited Sport2022 JeepWranglerUnlimited Sport S2018 JeepWranglerUnlimited Sport S2019 JeepWranglerUnlimited Sport S2020 JeepWranglerUnlimited Sport S2021 JeepWranglerUnlimited Sport S2022

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