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Corsa 15-19 Dodge Charger 6.4L V8 2.75in Resonator Delete Kit

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Exhaust Sound and Flow: The resonator delete kit replaces the stock resonator found on stock, freeing the exhaust path and increasing sound. CNC Machined Donut Connection: CORSAs machined stainless steel donut connection was designed exclusively to match the unique needs of the Charger exhaust system to create a precision fit with no exhaust leaks. Laser Cut 3/8" Stainless Flange: CORSA designed a flange with unmatched fit and durability to withstand the abuse of daily travel. Easy Installation and Fitment: Charger resonator delete kits bolt directly onto CORSA exhaust systems and stock Charger systems. Fitment: DodgeChargerDaytona 3922017 DodgeChargerDaytona 3922018 DodgeChargerR/T 3922017 DodgeChargerR/T 3922018 DodgeChargerR/T Scat Pack2015 DodgeChargerR/T Scat Pack2016 DodgeChargerR/T Scat Pack2017 DodgeChargerR/T Scat Pack2018 DodgeChargerScat Pack2019 DodgeChargerScat Pack2020 DodgeChargerSRT 3922015 DodgeChargerSRT 3922016 DodgeChargerSRT 3922017 DodgeChargerSRT 3922018 DodgeChargerSRT Hellcat2015 DodgeChargerSRT Hellcat2016 DodgeChargerSRT Hellcat2017 DodgeChargerSRT Hellcat2018 DodgeChargerSRT Hellcat2019 DodgeChargerSRT Hellcat2020

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