CORSA Performance

Corsa 12-18 Jeep Wrangler JK 3.6L V6 Closed Box Air Intake w/ DryTech 3D Dry Filter

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CORSA Performance Air Intake Systems are designed for one thing, Performance. By optimizing airflow and utilizing free-flowing filters, CORSA Performance Intakes outflow stock systems to increase overall performance while protecting your engine. This intake features Volant's high performance MaxFlow 5, 5 layer oiled cotton gauze air filters are made of the highest quality textiles, pleated between a top and bottom aluminum screen. Each filter comes pre-oiled and ready for use. This filter is specifically designed to allow the highest air flow rate possible for maximum power gains but deliver a very long filter life and maintenance intervals (up to 40K miles depending on driving conditions). Whether On-Road or Off, CORSA Performance has you covered. Closed Box Air Intake With DryTech 3D Dry Filter CARB EO unavailable Fitment: JeepWrangler75th Anniversary2016 JeepWranglerRubicon2012 JeepWranglerRubicon2013 JeepWranglerRubicon2014 JeepWranglerRubicon2015 JeepWranglerRubicon2016 JeepWranglerRubicon2017 JeepWranglerSahara2012 JeepWranglerSahara2013 JeepWranglerSahara2014 JeepWranglerSahara2015 JeepWranglerSahara2016 JeepWranglerSahara2017 JeepWranglerSport2012 JeepWranglerSport2013 JeepWranglerSport2014 JeepWranglerSport2015 JeepWranglerSport2016 JeepWranglerSport2017 JeepWranglerSport S2016 JeepWranglerUnlimited 75th Anniversary2016 JeepWranglerUnlimited Rubicon2012 JeepWranglerUnlimited Rubicon2013 JeepWranglerUnlimited Rubicon2014 JeepWranglerUnlimited Rubicon2015 JeepWranglerUnlimited Rubicon2016 JeepWranglerUnlimited Rubicon2017 JeepWranglerUnlimited Sahara2012 JeepWranglerUnlimited Sahara2013 JeepWranglerUnlimited Sahara2014 JeepWranglerUnlimited Sahara2015 JeepWranglerUnlimited Sahara2016 JeepWranglerUnlimited Sahara2017 JeepWranglerUnlimited Sport2012 JeepWranglerUnlimited Sport2013 JeepWranglerUnlimited Sport2014 JeepWranglerUnlimited Sport2015 JeepWranglerUnlimited Sport2016 JeepWranglerUnlimited Sport2017 JeepWranglerUnlimited Sport S2016 JeepWrangler JKRubicon2018 JeepWrangler JKSahara2018 JeepWrangler JKSport2018 JeepWrangler JKSport S2018 JeepWrangler JKUnlimited Rubicon2018 JeepWrangler JKUnlimited Sahara2018 JeepWrangler JKUnlimited Sport2018 JeepWrangler JKUnlimited Sport S2018

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