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Corsa 09-12 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7L V8 Air Intake

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Our air intakes use the Donaldson? PowerCore? Filter to improve performance and significantly decreased filter maintenance. The PowerCore? filter optimize engine performance by directing air through specifically designed channels that allow clean air to efficiently enter the engine. The Filter Box is engineered to minimize hot air from entering the engine in order to increase HP. Specifically designed to each vehicle application to increase air volume. Silicone connectors provide flexibility while still maintaining strength and thermal stability. Marine grade clamps allow optimal performance with a large operating range. Air ducts are specifically sculpted to maximize the breathing capabilities of you engine. Larger diameters; unique bends and smooth transitions give you maximum horsepower. All necessary hardware is included. NO need for oil or cleaning with the PowerCore? Filter which can last up to 150,000 miles or 4 years. PowerCore? is a registered trade name of Donaldson Company, Inc. PowerCore? Closed Box Air Intake System; For Use w/Filter PN[61508]; 09-12 RAM 1500 5.7LV8 Fitment: DodgeRam 1500Laramie2009 DodgeRam 1500Laramie2010 DodgeRam 1500SLT2009 DodgeRam 1500SLT2010 DodgeRam 1500Sport2009 DodgeRam 1500Sport2010 DodgeRam 1500ST2009 DodgeRam 1500ST2010 DodgeRam 1500TRX2009 DodgeRam 1500TRX2010 DodgeRam 1500TRX42009 DodgeRam 1500TRX42010 DodgeRam 2500Laramie2009 DodgeRam 2500Laramie2010 DodgeRam 2500Power Wagon2009 DodgeRam 2500Power Wagon2010 DodgeRam 2500SLT2009 DodgeRam 2500SLT2010 DodgeRam 2500ST2009 DodgeRam 2500ST2010 DodgeRam 2500SXT2009 DodgeRam 2500SXT2010 DodgeRam 2500TRX2010 Ram1500Laramie2011 Ram1500Laramie2012 Ram1500Laramie Longhorn2011 Ram1500Laramie Longhorn2012 Ram1500SLT2011 Ram1500SLT2012 Ram1500Sport2011 Ram1500Sport2012 Ram1500ST2011 Ram1500ST2012 Ram1500Tradesman2011 Ram1500Tradesman2012 Ram1500Tradesman HD2012 Ram2500Laramie2011 Ram2500Laramie Longhorn2011 Ram2500Power Wagon2011 Ram2500SLT2011 Ram2500ST2011

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