COMP Cams Ford 5.0L Coyote Valve Spring Kit O.D. .959in

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Designed for '11-'14 and '15+ 5.0L Coyote and Boss engines, this beehive spring kit offers increased valve control at high RPM while allowing for higher valve lift from performance cams. Includes properly matched retainers, seals and seats. See 26125CTS-KIT for .600" Max lift kit with lightweight tool steel retainers. Ford: Mustang 11 - 17 5 L Engine, Lincoln: Mark LT 11 - 14 5 L Engine, Ford: Lobo 11 - 17 5 L Engine, Ford: F-150 11 - 17 5 L Engine Fitment: FordF-150FX22011 FordF-150FX22012 FordF-150FX22013 FordF-150FX22014 FordF-150FX42011 FordF-150FX42012 FordF-150FX42013 FordF-150FX42014 FordF-150King Ranch2011 FordF-150King Ranch2012 FordF-150King Ranch2013 FordF-150King Ranch2014 FordF-150King Ranch2015 FordF-150King Ranch2016 FordF-150King Ranch2017 FordF-150Lariat2011 FordF-150Lariat2012 FordF-150Lariat2013 FordF-150Lariat2014 FordF-150Lariat2015 FordF-150Lariat2016 FordF-150Lariat2017 FordF-150Platinum2011 FordF-150Platinum2012 FordF-150Platinum2013 FordF-150Platinum2014 FordF-150Platinum2015 FordF-150Platinum2016 FordF-150Platinum2017 FordF-150SSV2016 FordF-150SSV2017 FordF-150STX2011 FordF-150STX2012 FordF-150STX2013 FordF-150STX2014 FordF-150XL2011 FordF-150XL2012 FordF-150XL2013 FordF-150XL2014 FordF-150XL2015 FordF-150XL2016 FordF-150XL2017 FordF-150XLT2011 FordF-150XLT2012 FordF-150XLT2013 FordF-150XLT2014 FordF-150XLT2015 FordF-150XLT2016 FordF-150XLT2017 FordMustangBoss 3022012 FordMustangBoss 3022013 FordMustangGT2011 FordMustangGT2012 FordMustangGT2013 FordMustangGT2014 FordMustangGT2015 FordMustangGT2016 FordMustangGT2017 FordMustangGT 50 Years Limited Edition2015 FordMustangGT Premium2015 FordMustangGT Premium2016 FordMustangGT Premium2017

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