Borla Cat-Back Touring 09-15 Ram 1500 5.7L EC SB Truck Single Spilt Rear Exit Through Bumper

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Borla Cat-Back and Rear Section exhaust systems feature patented straight through and multi-core technology to unleash hidden horsepower. Increased exhaust velocity adds power; driving excitement; fuel economy; and the distinctive Borla Sound of power respected enthusiasts everywhere. Each system is built from premium 300 series austenitic stainless steel; superior to T-400 series knockoffs; to give you the absolute best in performance and durability. Ultra smooth mandrel bends ensure maximum flow and power; and precision computer controlled CNC manufacturing ensures an accurate fit. Best of all Borla stands behind every system with a Million-Mile Warranty. Just what you would expect from the worlds most experienced and most winning exhaust brand. Touring Cat-Back Exhaust System. Million Mile Warranty 2009-2018 Ram 1500 5.7L V8 Auto Transmission 2 & 4WD Regular Cab or 4-Door Extended Cab-Standard Bed (76.3")/Crew Cab-Short Bed (67.4") "Through Bumper" Fitment: DodgeRam 1500Laramie2009 DodgeRam 1500Laramie2010 DodgeRam 1500SLT2009 DodgeRam 1500SLT2010 DodgeRam 1500Sport2009 DodgeRam 1500Sport2010 DodgeRam 1500ST2009 DodgeRam 1500ST2010 DodgeRam 1500TRX2009 DodgeRam 1500TRX2010 DodgeRam 1500TRX42009 DodgeRam 1500TRX42010 Ram1500Big Horn2011 Ram1500Big Horn2012 Ram1500Big Horn2013 Ram1500Big Horn2014 Ram1500Big Horn2015 Ram1500Big Horn2016 Ram1500Big Horn2017 Ram1500Big Horn2018 Ram1500Big Horn2019 Ram1500Big Horn2020 Ram1500Express2012 Ram1500Express2013 Ram1500Express2014 Ram1500Express2015 Ram1500Express2016 Ram1500Express2017 Ram1500Express2018 Ram1500HFE2014 Ram1500Laramie2011 Ram1500Laramie2012 Ram1500Laramie2013 Ram1500Laramie2014 Ram1500Laramie2015 Ram1500Laramie2016 Ram1500Laramie2017 Ram1500Laramie2018 Ram1500Laramie2019 Ram1500Laramie2020 Ram1500Laramie Limited2014 Ram1500Laramie Limited2015 Ram1500Laramie Longhorn2011 Ram1500Laramie Longhorn2012 Ram1500Laramie Longhorn2013 Ram1500Laramie Longhorn2014 Ram1500Laramie Longhorn2015 Ram1500Laramie Longhorn2016 Ram1500Laramie Longhorn2017 Ram1500Laramie Longhorn2018 Ram1500Laramie Longhorn2019 Ram1500Laramie Longhorn2020 Ram1500Limited2015 Ram1500Limited2016 Ram1500Limited2017 Ram1500Limited2018 Ram1500Limited2019 Ram1500Limited2020 Ram1500Lone Star2014 Ram1500Lone Star2015 Ram1500Lone Star2016 Ram1500Lone Star2017 Ram1500Lone Star2018 Ram1500Lone Star2019 Ram1500Lone Star2020 Ram1500Outdoorsman2011 Ram1500Outdoorsman2012 Ram1500Outdoorsman2013 Ram1500Outdoorsman2014 Ram1500Outdoorsman2015 Ram1500Outdoorsman2016 Ram1500R/T2013 Ram1500Rebel2015 Ram1500Rebel2016 Ram1500Rebel2017 Ram1500Rebel2018 Ram1500Rebel2019 Ram1500Rebel2020 Ram1500SLT2011 Ram1500SLT2012 Ram1500SLT2013 Ram1500SLT2014 Ram1500SLT2015 Ram1500SLT2016 Ram1500SLT2017 Ram1500SLT2018 Ram1500Special Service2014 Ram1500Special Service2015 Ram1500Special Service2016 Ram1500Special Service2017 Ram1500Special Service2018 Ram1500Special Service2020 Ram1500Sport2011 Ram1500Sport2012 Ram1500Sport2013 Ram1500Sport2014 Ram1500Sport2015 Ram1500Sport2016 Ram1500Sport2017 Ram1500Sport2018 Ram1500ST2011 Ram1500ST2012 Ram1500Tradesman2011 Ram1500Tradesman2012 Ram1500Tradesman2013 Ram1500Tradesman2014 Ram1500Tradesman2015 Ram1500Tradesman2016 Ram1500Tradesman2017 Ram1500Tradesman2018 Ram1500Tradesman2019 Ram1500Tradesman2020 Ram1500Tradesman HD2012 Ram1500 ClassicBig Horn2019 Ram1500 ClassicExpress2019 Ram1500 ClassicExpress2020 Ram1500 ClassicExpress2021 Ram1500 ClassicExpress2022 Ram1500 ClassicLone Star2019 Ram1500 ClassicSLT2019 Ram1500 ClassicSLT2020 Ram1500 ClassicSLT2021 Ram1500 ClassicSLT2022 Ram1500 ClassicSpecial Service2019 Ram1500 ClassicSpecial Service2020 Ram1500 ClassicTradesman2019 Ram1500 ClassicTradesman2020 Ram1500 ClassicTradesman2021 Ram1500 ClassicTradesman2022 Ram1500 ClassicWarlock2019 Ram1500 ClassicWarlock2020 Ram1500 ClassicWarlock2021 Ram1500 ClassicWarlock2022

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