Borla 14-20 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.6L V6 2/4WD 2.25in S-Type Cat-back - Black Chrome

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The 140835BC Borla? Cat-Back? system is designed specifically for the Jeep Grand Cherokee equipped with the 3.6L V6 engine. It includes a X-Pipe which provides the best all round performance and custom sound and uses only high quality T-304 stainless steel construction. Ultra-smooth mandrel bends ensure maximum flow & power, and precision computer numerical control (CNC) manufacturing ensures an accurate fit. This system features the ?S-Type? sound level and black chrome on T-304 stainless steel tips. Bright chrome tips are also available on system 140835. 2014-2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.6L V6 Automatic Tranmission 2 and 4 Wheel Drive. GRAND CHEROKEE '14-'20 3.6L V6 AT 2+4WD 4DR 2.25" "S-TYPE" S RD RL AC SR BC TIP: 4" RD X 8" BLACK CHROME Fitment: JeepGrand Cherokee75th Anniversary2016 JeepGrand CherokeeAltitude2018 JeepGrand CherokeeAltitude2019 JeepGrand CherokeeAltitude2020 JeepGrand CherokeeHigh Altitude2018 JeepGrand CherokeeHigh Altitude2019 JeepGrand CherokeeHigh Altitude2020 JeepGrand CherokeeHigh Altitude2021 JeepGrand CherokeeLaredo2014 JeepGrand CherokeeLaredo2015 JeepGrand CherokeeLaredo2016 JeepGrand CherokeeLaredo2017 JeepGrand CherokeeLaredo2018 JeepGrand CherokeeLaredo2019 JeepGrand CherokeeLaredo2020 JeepGrand CherokeeLaredo E2021 JeepGrand CherokeeLaredo X2021 JeepGrand CherokeeLimited2014 JeepGrand CherokeeLimited2015 JeepGrand CherokeeLimited2016 JeepGrand CherokeeLimited2017 JeepGrand CherokeeLimited2018 JeepGrand CherokeeLimited2019 JeepGrand CherokeeLimited2020 JeepGrand CherokeeLimited2021 JeepGrand CherokeeOverland2014 JeepGrand CherokeeOverland2015 JeepGrand CherokeeOverland2016 JeepGrand CherokeeOverland2017 JeepGrand CherokeeOverland2018 JeepGrand CherokeeOverland2019 JeepGrand CherokeeOverland2020 JeepGrand CherokeeOverland2021 JeepGrand CherokeeSummit2014 JeepGrand CherokeeSummit2015 JeepGrand CherokeeSummit2016 JeepGrand CherokeeSummit2017 JeepGrand CherokeeSummit2018 JeepGrand CherokeeSummit2019 JeepGrand CherokeeSummit2020 JeepGrand CherokeeSummit2021 JeepGrand CherokeeTrailhawk2017 JeepGrand CherokeeTrailhawk2018 JeepGrand CherokeeTrailhawk2019 JeepGrand CherokeeTrailhawk2020 JeepGrand CherokeeTrailhawk2021

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