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BMR 79-04 Fox Mustang Tubular Style Upper Torque Box Reinforcement Plates - Red

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Increase stiffness and reinforce the torque boxed in your 1979-2004 Mustang with Upper Torque Box Reinforcement Braces from BMR Suspension. The Fox-chassis Mustangs were not known for being super strong. When large amounts of torque are applied to the chassis, the factory torque boxes are known to crack and rip. This causes all kinds of rearend alignment issues, poor performance, and unsafe driving conditions. Designed from heavy-duty DOM steel tubing and CNC-laser cut, CNC-formed steel plate, BMR?s Upper Torque Box Reinforcement Braces are designed to bolt into the ?79-?04 Mustang chassis, adding strength to the upper control arm mounts. This means you can put as much power and torque to the wheels as possible, without fear of damaging this critical area of the chassis. BMR?s Upper Torque Box Reinforcement Braces are designed to bolt into the ?79-?04 Mustang chassis, adding strength to the upper control arm mounts. Fits 1979-2004 Mustang ;Reduces upper control arm mount deflection;Bolt-in design;Increases the amount of horsepower and torque that can safely be applied to the chassis;Heavy-duty DOM steel tubing;CNC-laser cut, CNC-formed, MIG welded steel plate for precise fit;Includes all needed hardware ;Proudly made in the U.S.A. Fitment: FordMustangBase1979 FordMustangBase1980 FordMustangBase1981 FordMustangBase1994 FordMustangBase1995 FordMustangBase1996 FordMustangBase1997 FordMustangBase1998 FordMustangBase1999 FordMustangBase2000 FordMustangBase2001 FordMustangBase2002 FordMustangBase2003 FordMustangBase2004 FordMustangCobra1981 FordMustangGhia1979 FordMustangGhia1980 FordMustangGhia1981 FordMustangGL1982 FordMustangGL1983 FordMustangGLX1982 FordMustangGLX1983 FordMustangGT1982 FordMustangGT1983 FordMustangGT1984 FordMustangGT1985 FordMustangGT1986 FordMustangGT1987 FordMustangGT1988 FordMustangGT1989 FordMustangGT1990 FordMustangGT1991 FordMustangGT1992 FordMustangGT1993 FordMustangGT1994 FordMustangGT1995 FordMustangGT1996 FordMustangGT1997 FordMustangGT1998 FordMustangGT1999 FordMustangGT2000 FordMustangGT2001 FordMustangGT2002 FordMustangGT2003 FordMustangGT2004 FordMustangGT Bullitt2001 FordMustangGT-350 20th Anniversary1984 FordMustangGTS1995 FordMustangL1982 FordMustangL1983 FordMustangL1984 FordMustangLX1984 FordMustangLX1985 FordMustangLX1986 FordMustangLX1987 FordMustangLX1988 FordMustangLX1989 FordMustangLX1990 FordMustangLX1991 FordMustangLX1992 FordMustangLX1993 FordMustangSVO1984 FordMustangSVO1985 FordMustangSVO1986 FordMustangSVT Cobra1993 FordMustangSVT Cobra1994 FordMustangSVT Cobra1995 FordMustangSVT Cobra1996 FordMustangSVT Cobra1997 FordMustangSVT Cobra1998 FordMustangSVT Cobra1999 FordMustangSVT Cobra2001 FordMustangSVT Cobra2003 FordMustangSVT Cobra2004 FordMustangSVT Cobra 10th Anniversary2003 FordMustangSVT Cobra R1993 FordMustangSVT Cobra R1995 FordMustangSVT Cobra R2000 FordMustangTurbo GT1983

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