BMR Suspension

BMR 67-69 1st Gen F-Body Front Hollow 1.25in Sway Bar Kit w/ Bushings - Red

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The two primary functions of sway bars are to control body roll and to determine the understeer or oversteer behavior of a vehicle. Stock sway bars have low torsional spring rates because they are manufactured from small diameter bar stock or tubing. BMR Suspension?s SB004 front sway bar was designed by factoring in the vehicle weight, application, motion ratio, coil spring rate, and adjustability requirements. Manufactured from heavy-wall 1.25-inch DOM tubing, the SB004 is cold formed to better resist torsional fatigue and retain its "memory" far longer than the hot-formed bars used by many competitors. The sway bar is CNC-formed for exact manufacturing tolerances and repeatable high quality. The SB004 attaches to your Nova with 88-durometer polyurethane bushings, reducing the deflection from the stock rubber bushings. These bushings are molded from 88-durometer, low-deflection, polyurethane, and are internally fluted to keeps grease in the bushing. The fabricated laser cut, TIG-welded steel sway bar end links are reinforced to minimize deflection. BMR Suspension designed the SB004 sway bar kit for street performance, autocross, and road race applications. Fits First-Gen GM F-body and GM X-body;Designed for street performance, autocross, and road race applications;Dramatically reduces body roll;200% increase is sway bar rate over stock sway bar;Cold formed to better resist torsional fatigue;Manufactured from 1.25-inch heavy-wall DOM tubing for increased strength;88-durometer, greasable polyurethane bushing;Zinc-plated inner sleeves;Durable powdercoat finish;1-2-hour installation time;Proudly designed in the U.S.A.;Proudly made in the U.S.A. Fitment: ChevroletCamaroBase1967 ChevroletCamaroBase1968 ChevroletCamaroBase1969 ChevroletCamaroRS1967 ChevroletCamaroRS1968 ChevroletCamaroRS1969 ChevroletCamaroSS1967 ChevroletCamaroSS1968 ChevroletCamaroSS1969 ChevroletCamaroZ281967 ChevroletCamaroZ281968 ChevroletCamaroZ281969 ChevroletNovaBase1969 ChevroletNovaBase1970 ChevroletNovaBase1971 ChevroletNovaBase1972 ChevroletNovaBase1973 ChevroletNovaBase1974 ChevroletNovaCustom1973 ChevroletNovaCustom1974 PontiacFirebird3501968 PontiacFirebird3501969 PontiacFirebird350 HO1969 PontiacFirebird4001967 PontiacFirebird4001968 PontiacFirebird4001969 PontiacFirebirdBase1967 PontiacFirebirdBase1968 PontiacFirebirdBase1969 PontiacFirebirdHO1967 PontiacFirebirdSprint1967 PontiacFirebirdSprint1968 PontiacFirebirdSprint1969 PontiacFirebirdTrans Am1969

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