Bilstein B4 OE Replacement 14-18 Subaru Forester Front Right Twintube Strut Assembly

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Bilstein B4 OE Replacement dampers are specifically engineered to be the best choice for maintaining the original ride quality of your vehicle, while meeting or exceeding OE standards. These dampers are the ideal choice for the driver looking to restore the original performance and handling of their vehicle, with the added benefit of world-famous Bilstein quality. Twintube Strut Assembly Subaru Forester 2018-2014 Fitment: SubaruForester2.0XT Premium2014 SubaruForester2.0XT Premium2015 SubaruForester2.0XT Premium2016 SubaruForester2.0XT Premium2017 SubaruForester2.0XT Premium2018 SubaruForester2.0XT Touring2014 SubaruForester2.0XT Touring2015 SubaruForester2.0XT Touring2016 SubaruForester2.0XT Touring2017 SubaruForester2.0XT Touring2018 SubaruForester2.5i2014 SubaruForester2.5i2015 SubaruForester2.5i2016 SubaruForester2.5i2017 SubaruForester2.5i2018 SubaruForester2.5i Limited2014 SubaruForester2.5i Limited2015 SubaruForester2.5i Limited2016 SubaruForester2.5i Limited2017 SubaruForester2.5i Limited2018 SubaruForester2.5i Premium2014 SubaruForester2.5i Premium2015 SubaruForester2.5i Premium2016 SubaruForester2.5i Premium2017 SubaruForester2.5i Premium2018 SubaruForester2.5i Touring2014 SubaruForester2.5i Touring2015 SubaruForester2.5i Touring2016 SubaruForester2.5i Touring2017 SubaruForester2.5i Touring2018

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