Bilstein B16 2009 Audi A4 Quattro Avant Front and Rear Performance Suspension System

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The Bilstein B16 PSS10 kit is the ultimate race inspired suspension system, delivering unsurpassed driving performance in any situation. This kit puts you in complete control, providing the kind of precise suspension tuning formerly available only on race cars. From a weekend of competition to daily driving, this system provides perfect handling performance for every situation. The manually adjustable damping mono-tube gas shock absorbers feature 10-stage precise compression and rebound settings, from comfort to competition. Bilstein utilizes debris resistant round threads on these dampers to ensure spring adjustment remains effortless throughout the life of the kit. The surface is coated with Triple-C-Technology coating to ensure long lasting resistance to corrosion and flashy good looks. Audi A4 2014-2009; A4 Quattro 2014-2009; A5 2015-2010; A5 Quattro 2015-2008; allroad 2015-2013; RS5 2015-2013; S4 2014-2010; S5 2014-2008 Audi A4 2014-2009, A4 Quattro 2014-2009, A5 2014-2010, A5 Quattro 2015-2008, RS5 2015-2013, S4 2015-2010, S5 2015-2008 Fitment: AudiA4Base2009 AudiA4Base2010 AudiA4Base2011 AudiA4Base2012 AudiA4Base2013 AudiA4Base2014 AudiA4Premium2015 AudiA4Premium2016 AudiA4Premium Plus2015 AudiA4Premium Plus2016 AudiA4Prestige2015 AudiA4 QuattroAvant2009 AudiA4 QuattroAvant2010 AudiA4 QuattroAvant2011 AudiA4 QuattroAvant2012 AudiA4 QuattroBase2009 AudiA4 QuattroBase2010 AudiA4 QuattroBase2011 AudiA4 QuattroBase2012 AudiA4 QuattroBase2013 AudiA4 QuattroBase2014 AudiA4 QuattroPremium2015 AudiA4 QuattroPremium2016 AudiA4 QuattroPremium Plus2015 AudiA4 QuattroPremium Plus2016 AudiA4 QuattroPrestige2015 AudiA5Cabriolet2010 AudiA5Cabriolet2011 AudiA5Cabriolet2012 AudiA5Cabriolet2013 AudiA5Cabriolet2014 AudiA5 QuattroBase2008 AudiA5 QuattroBase2009 AudiA5 QuattroBase2010 AudiA5 QuattroBase2011 AudiA5 QuattroBase2012 AudiA5 QuattroBase2013 AudiA5 QuattroBase2014 AudiA5 QuattroCabriolet2010 AudiA5 QuattroCabriolet2011 AudiA5 QuattroCabriolet2012 AudiA5 QuattroCabriolet2013 AudiA5 QuattroCabriolet2014 AudiA5 QuattroPremium2015 AudiA5 QuattroPremium2016 AudiA5 QuattroPremium Plus2015 AudiA5 QuattroPremium Plus2016 AudiA5 QuattroPrestige2015 AudiA5 QuattroSport2017 AudiallroadPremium2013 AudiallroadPremium2014 AudiallroadPremium2015 AudiallroadPremium Plus2013 AudiallroadPremium Plus2014 AudiallroadPremium Plus2015 AudiallroadPrestige2013 AudiallroadPrestige2014 AudiallroadPrestige2015 AudiRS5Base2013 AudiRS5Base2014 AudiRS5Base2015 AudiRS5Cabriolet2015 AudiS4Base2010 AudiS4Base2011 AudiS4Base2012 AudiS4Base2013 AudiS4Premium Plus2014 AudiS4Premium Plus2015 AudiS4Premium Plus2016 AudiS4Prestige2014 AudiS4Prestige2015 AudiS4Prestige2016 AudiS5Base2008 AudiS5Base2009 AudiS5Base2010 AudiS5Base2011 AudiS5Base2012 AudiS5Base2013 AudiS5Base2017 AudiS5Cabriolet2010 AudiS5Cabriolet2011 AudiS5Cabriolet2012 AudiS5Cabriolet2013 AudiS5Premium Plus2014 AudiS5Premium Plus2015 AudiS5Premium Plus2016 AudiS5Prestige2014 AudiS5Prestige2015 AudiS5Prestige2016

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